New Camera, Rainbow Cookies and Gingerbread Sluts!

I got myself a new camera!!!!!!!!!!

It’s a Canon EOS 550D.

It’s an entry-level SLR (meaning it’s a noob’s pro camera) and even though I already have 3 cameras at home, I really wanted an upgrade because I’d love to take photography to a newer level!

I have an underwater one for underwater usage, obviously. It takes pretty nice pictures out of water too, but I want something that will do justice to my holiday pictures because I’m planning to go to Maldives soon!!! ROAR!!!

And I have an everyday casual camera that is really light and compact and runs on AA batteries. And the last one I stuck bling all over it but didn’t like it in the end because it feels weird so I never touched it anymore afterwards.

Expensive mistake.

Note to self – don’t try arts and craft on costly gadgets!

For those who are wondering, I got it for about $1600, including GST and a camera bag plus 8gb memory card and the standard kit lens and 2 extra lenses that I bought… I bought a wide angle and HD lens, and a macro lens which was absolutely amazing!


But it’s so bloody difficult and I don’t even know how to change the lenses LOLOL I have so much to learn. But I’m willing.

Haven’t had the time to properly play with my camera yet, so I don’t really have fab pictures to show you guys how the quality is. I suppose you can judge for yourself, since all the pics taken in the post were with my 550d.

Btw, don’t bother asking me where I got my cam from. The people who sold me this cam were dishonest and I will definitely not be reeling in customers for businesses that don’t deserve it.

Note - My house has super poor lighting so that may be why the photos aren’t very sharp or grainy! Either that or I’m just a really shit photographer lol.

Any fellow canon or 550d users got photography tips to share with me?!? :)


Ok, enough yabber, time to bring on the pictures!!

I was too lazy to leave my house for test shots, so I went around my house snapping random pics, desperately trying to take “artistic” pictures to justify spending 1.6k on a camera I don’t even know how to use -_- (yet)

This was in portrait mode wtf only realized after I snapped.. I so want to try out my macro lens soon!!!

My gorgeous red nails!!!! Sponsored by Milly’s ♥

Have been doing my nails there the past 2 years. Click on link above to make an appointment with her!

I am absolutely in LOVE with red recently.
Been buying red clothes, red accessories, and even putting on red lippie all the time even though I used to think red looks awful on me!!!

Well, that was before I figured out how to make it work for me. Now I absolutely love it. It’s so sensual and attention demanding!

More gorgeous red stuff around my house. Yeah, we have a lot of fake flowers.

Aww look, it’s the old cuckoo clock that we used to have back in the very first house I grew up in!!!

I remember always watching the bird pop out of it’s little “house” and watching the dancers spin around, when I was younger.. Kinda sad that it doesn’t work anymore.


So anyway, Peggy came over yesterday to bake gingerbread cookies with me!

BAHAHA I am so lazy that even when I meet friends they come to my house rofl I really have to step out of my house more often besides just to eat

Gingerbread mix!!!

I’ve never tried baking gingerbread before, so I thought it was a good idea, even though it’s not exactly near Christmas lol.

Ok so this is pre-made as well, brand is “Greens” from NTUC, costs about 5 dollars and includes a good amount of mix and chocolate chips and icing tip for you to decorate with and even gingerbread cookie cutters!

How awesome?

I know I use pre made mixes often, but we also baked chocolate cookies as a last minute decision and I came up with my very own recipe on the spot!!!

And it tasted heaps better than the gingerbread lol it’s very yummy, if I do say so myself!!!
Everyone we fed the cookies to agreed so nyahahaha

People seem to think that pre-made cake mixes are very easy and require much less effort. You are wrong!!!

With pre made mixes, you still need to add in eggs and milk or vanilla essence wtf, and then knead the dough with your hands! It’s exactly the same as creating the entire recipe from scratch, (what’s so hard about adding flour yourself? nothing right?) except with pre made mixes you don’t have to buy all the ingredients individually, which helps save weight and cost load!

It’s ideal for people like me who don’t bake all that often, but often enough to want to try all sorts of different pastries and cookies / cakes.

So to whoever who left a comment saying that using a pre-made cake mix isn’t home made, go screw yourself.

All cut and ready to pop into the oven!!!

Cookie-cutting is probably my favourite part of the whole process lol, besides licking the batter off my mixing spoon of course ;)

In it goes!

Grow my little gingerbread friends, GROW!!

They bake really fast, like about 15 minutes per batch? That’s the beauty of cookies.. It’s really hard to burn them and you don’t have to check back on the texture quite so often as you do with cakes!

With some patience, time and a little creativity you will get…

Adorable gingerbread men!!!!

Peggy’s first decorated gingerbread man! Reminds us of the gingerbread man from Shrek :P


Hahahaha Peggy, how could you?!

This girl ah… the moment she makes something, she will eat it straight away after. Before I even started decorating my cookies, she ate hers already lol wtf


It’s my turn to decorate….

I aptly named this one, The Kung Fu Master.

The most pissed off looking cookie I’ve ever seen LOL and he’s wearing a rainbow jumpsuit!!! ♥

This one’s called The Hollow Man. LOL cuz it’s damn ugly!!!

HAHAHAHAHAHAHAH say hi to Gingerbread Slut!!!

Mad cute or what? Peggy’s ingenious idea!

Gingerbread Slut and her husband Green Underwear Boy with their little star and flower children lololol


Ok, now I’m gonna teach you guys how to make

chocolate rainbow cookies!

I won’t be teaching how to make the gingerbread cookies cuz it’s very duh and you can find all the instructions on the cake mix box.

This is a recipe that I came up with on the spot and it’s suited according to specific tastes (mainly my mum and my bro cuz they are so picky!!!)

You can add or reduce the ingredients according to your own preference!

To make this chocolate cookie mix, you will need approximately:

1) 4 cups of flour

2) 3-4 cups of sugar, depending on how sweet you want it to be

3) 1 teaspoon of vanilla essence

4) 3 tablespoons of cocoa powder (if sweetened, reduce sugar content)

5) a pinch of salt

6) 3 tablespoons of butter / margarine

7) 3-5 tablespoons of milk (depending on how mushy or crunchy you want your cookies to be!)

8) 1-2 eggs (again, depending on how fluffy or hard you want em to be)

Using a large mixing bowl, pour in the flour, sugar and butter. Then include the eggs, butter, milk in respective order and the rest you can anyhow throw in also nevermind.

You will find that this cookie mixture is relatively dry, because I want my cookies to be quite thin and crispy like how my mum likes it, so don’t worry if it doesn’t look like normal cake batter! (The texture is similar to gingerbread)

Add just the right amount of milk so that it’s moist enough to take a doughy texture.

(looks like a pile of shit here rofl)

Then, once you’ve mixed it all properly, pick up the dough with your hands and start kneading it with your hand!

For those of you who have never done kneading before, it’s pretty much just like playing with play-doh.

You pick up the dough and start squishing it around in all sorts of directions with your hands, and you will find that the texture of the dry dough becomes much more flexible and play-doh ish so once you’ve got a nice even and smooth texture without any extra little crumbs falling out, you know it’s ready.

For the heart shaped cookies like mine, get your cookie cutters ready then lay your cookie dough on a flat surface and start peeling off chunks of it to roll into flat pieces with a rolling pin.

For rainbow shapes, simply take a perfectly round bowl of a decent size and use it as your cookie cutter.

Then cut the circular piece of dough directly into half, and ta-dah!! You’ve got your perfect rainbow shape ^__^

Once the shape is done, pop it into the oven and bake for about 10-15 mins depending on how thick each cookie is and how soft or hard you want it.

….While the cookies are baking, it’s time to get down to the icing!!!

The problem with rainbow cookies and cakes is that the longest time is spent decorating them… and I mean really REALLY long.

Just like in my previous “How to bake a rainbow cake” post, separate your home made icing using this recipe into 6 equal bowls and mix in the colours of the rainbow with food colouring!

Wait for your cookies to cool down a bit, then start painting the colours of the rainbow onto your cookies with a piping bag or icing decorator.

You’ll need to be reallyyy careful, get somebody with steady hands (like Peggy!) to do it. Any mistake and you’ll have to wipe everything off and start over.

Start with red, which is the outermost layer, and continue doing each stripe onto individual rainbow shaped cookies and slowly work your way down to complete all 6 coloured layers!

Once you’re done, you should have something like this, hehe!!!!

Absolutely adorable or what? ♥ them to bits!

Of course, if you’re patient enough, you can do different coloured hearts like what I did to boost cuteness factor ^___^

Really proud of this batch of cookies, since they’re an original idea and everything was made up as we went along!!

As compared to my rainbow cake, this takes less time and effort.. but both are sure to make whoever sets their eyes on them squeal in delight and begging you for just one bite.

I love rainbows, and I love baking. What do we get in the end??

Too-cute-to-eat rainbow cookies for major nomming!!!!!! :3


The best part about doing something that makes me happy, is that it makes somebody else happy too ♥