Make up tutorial video!!!!

Ok so I’m finally done with my make up tutorial video!!

Although I think the video is relatively brief and I don’t know why so many people would request this when there are much better Youtube make up gurus out there,

I decided to do it anyway cuz I’m nice like that so here you go:

I also skipped the eyebrows part cuz I’m really bad at drawing them and they look crappy anyway so yeah. My eyebrows are extremely thin / scarce, they’re basically non-existent lol

Only after filming and editing this video did I realize I completely forgot to conceal!! That’s why the areas around my mouth and under my eyes are dark… but whatever.

Don’t laugh at my bare nude face ok.

Products I used in this video:

Blusher from Chanel

Red Lipstick from Chanel

Pencil Eyeliner from Revlon

Liquid Eyeliner from some random Japanese brand that I can’t read

Highlighter from Victoria’s Secret Very Sexy Collection (2 USD only, what a steal!)

Fake Eyelashes from Far East Plaza, $20 a box.

Eyeshadow Primer from Stage

All Eyeshadow Colours from Stage (from their burlesque palette)

Lipgloss from Stage (I love this brand! So affordable but quality definitely comparable to MAC’s)


If you have any questions, feel free to ask me (nicely duh)!!!

And is the video quality too blurry or pixelated? It’s freaking HD on my computer, but by the time I edited and uploaded it to Youtube, it became really shitty. -_-

Let me know!!!!

Other than that I hope you like it :D