Liese – Co1our, Tre2t and Styl3, Post 2

This is a follow up post for my previous Liese advertorial!!
I said I was going to have a hair make over with Liese products, and that’s exactly what I did!
With their Colour, Treatment and Styling range, it was so easy for me to change the way my hair looks without the pricey costs of going to a professional salon and yet still achieving equally desirable results ;) It’s really simple and I’m gonna show you girls how, step by step!!!
The people at Liese picked out this gorgeous colour called Sweet Pink from their Bubble Hair Colour range for me to try and I’m so glad I trusted their choice! I originally wanted to go for Chestnut brown to cover my faded dry looking ends, but I was informed that Liese Bubble Hair Colour will ensure an even coverage so a brighter colour like sweet pink would be more suitable for me. I’ve never DIY coloured my hair before, and was quite nervous about using it at first, to be honest.. but then I realized I didn’t have to worry cuz their bubble hair colour is like a fool-proof formula.
Start by putting on some clothes you don’t mind accidentally staining (or drape a towel over! my “superman” cape was given by liese lol but if you’re lucky you can find Liese Bubble Hair Colour in certain stores that come with this same cape too) and wear those gloves, because you don’t want your hands getting dye all over them. The gloves are included in the box when you buy Liese Bubble Hair Colour, so don’t worry!And then pour the colourant from bottle A (the maroon bottle) into bottle B.
Unlike most other DIY dyes that require you to shake the bottle vigorously, this mixture needs to be gently inverted 5 times until they combine evenly. Shaking it too hard will mess up the process, so be careful with that. Before you start, comb through your hair and make sure there are no tangles – particularly important for girls with long hair!
Once your mixture is nice and even, you can begin squeezing the bottle (don’t try to pump on the pink cap!) and you’ll find that a light foamy texture magically appears!!! I’m honestly fascinated at how simple but ingenious this formula is.. I’ve seen other people DIY colour their hair with weird “combs” and all that shit… looks terribly messy and icky.
I would recommend starting at the roots first, because if your hair is like mine then your newly grown, uncolored “virgin” hair may be really healthy and thus super resistant to absorbing colour.. But if your “virgin” hair absorbs color really easily then start from the ends of your hair first. 
At first, you might notice that the foamy texture disappears very quickly and it almost looks as if you didn’t apply any at all, but that’s completely normal/ Keep piling on that foam onto your hair in GENEROUS amounts. The more you pile, the easier it is to get vibrant and even color!!!!
(it looks like there’s no foam on my hair cuz most of it dried up after 30 mins) But you should continue adding foam until you get something like this:
LOL what a funny picture. Once you’ve added enough foam, pile the ends of your hair onto your head like what I did above and start to massage the formula in! Do it gently, and the more you do it, the more even your coverage will be.  Let it “set” for about 25-30 mins. I left mine on for 45 minutes anyway hahaha. Cuz I have stubborn hair… It was safe for my scalp and didn’t cause me any irritation at all!!
This unique foam formula makes sure you get EVEN coverage, because of its light texture, it can reach every single strand, coating your hair evenly for a flawless finish. Which is such a relief because all the super harsh chemicals in salon dye really makes me feel like my head is on fire sometimes. Just fyi, hair length like mine used up the entire dye bottle just nicely. If you have really thick or long hair, then I suggest buying 2 bottles. So anyway, after the waiting time is up, just rinse it thoroughly and condition your hair afterwards! They even provided a packet of leave-on nourishing lotion for you in the box. It’s supposed to smoothen and nourish your newly coloured hair~

…The results?

It’s a lovely shade of shiny chestnutty brown with a touch of “Sweet Pink” and I LOVE LOVE LOVE it! Suits my skin tone and make up so well. It got rid of my golden / yellowish ash brown undertones and regrowth that I had before. Thank goodness, cuz that was getting so old!!

For those of you who want the same colour as me, do take note that you might not get 100% similar results because what your resulting colour will turn out to be heavily depends on your original hair colour, texure, condition, etc.
A redhead or a brunette? I can’t decide!!
Oh btw, even after just colouring my hair, it didn’t feel (or looked) damaged at all… was so soft to the touch, especially after I used Liese Hair Cocktail! (more about that later on)
It’s interesting how hair colour can change a person’s look completely.
So now that we’ve finished covering Step 1) Hair colouring of Liese’s DIY guide to gorgeous hair, let’s move on to Step 2) Treatment and Step 3) Styling!! I usually get a lot of questions on how I do my curls, so I decided to do a curly hair tutorial… but with a twist!! They are bouncy lovely little curls created by a HAIR STRAIGHTENER instead of a curling iron, and I even shared with you guys my little secret to having cute wavy fringe!!

Watch my How-to-get-gorgeous-hair-by-yourself-with-Liese video below!!
Soooooooo… DO YOU LIKE IT?
I love ponytails and I love curls, thus I combined both! It’s less time consuming than most other hairstyles I do as I only need to curl the ends and my fringe!
Plus it gives off an “effortless chic” vibe, which is awesome because every girl wants to look like they didn’t really bother dolling themselves up when the truth is we all spent a lot of time and effort. LOL.
And you have to admit, my fringe trick was totally awesome!!!!! TY Liese for my newly transformed hair!!!!
I’ve been getting so many compliments about it and nobody believed me when I told them I did everything all by myself at home instead of going to a salon. The best part about this whole post is that you can achieve this at home too – at a ridiculously affordable price at that. (nothing is above $19.90 for the products!) All you need to do is use Liese’s products and follow their 3 steps Guide – Co1our, Tr2et and Styl3! Liese products can be purchased at Watsons and other major supermarkets.
Liese Hair Cocktail provided my hair with extra nourishment and shine, which was vital because using a straightener can be extremely damaging without proper protection. (the ends especially!!!) Because the hair cocktail contains anti-frizz oil and nourishing water, my hair wasn’t as dry or frizzy as it usually is when I use my straightener on it. You can use it on dry OR wet hair, and it doesn’t always have to act as a styling base – great stuff for everyday use, for that extra sheen. Liese Clear Wax Cube also helped me ensure that my pretty curls held their shape throughout the entire day.. a firm hold without weighing it down or any extra stickiness!
You know how sometimes you use wax that’s too “hard” or “heavy” that it looks like you dumped a wad of old fashioned gel onto your hair? I didn’t get that with Liese. Airy, bouncy movements was what I achieved.

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