Giving away my robo

LOL this video made me laugh soooo hard and it never gets old.

Seeing the hammie freak out reminds me of my own hammie…

I’ve decided not to keep the one I’m having :(

Yup, that’s right people, I’m giving away my roborovski hamster….

Her name is Hunnybuns, 2 months old, and an extremely sweet thing. She never EVER bites, even when she’s super agitated!

Not noisy, only squeaks when she’s scared.

She looks like a super cute fluffball when she sleeps!!!! And she’s a deep sleeper too. When she sleeps in the rolling ball, you can roll her around and around and she doesn’t wake up hahaha mad hilarious.

She loves to run and run in her hamster wheel and loves to dig around in bedding all day cuz she comes from the desert.

Now, you may be thinking to yourself that “this sounds like the perfect” hamster and yes, Roborovski are DEFINITELY THE CUTEST species out of all hammies!!!!

She’s TINY, about 5cm, but be warned: She is extremely, extremely afraid of humans. Actually, she’s afraid of everything…… Even her own water bottle -_-

I have tried taming her or patting her and even offering her treats – tried almost every method but nothing has worked. I know that bonding takes time, but I figured I’ve given enough time and yet have not seen any progress until I realized that this is just the typical nature of a Roborovski.

They are skittish little creatures, the fastest and smallest of all hamsters and I wish the person at the pet store had told me all this before I bought her!!!!

After reading up a lot on hamsters, I think it’s basic knowledge that Robos are NOT meant for first-time owners or people who like cuddly hammies, because they are just so timid (so you can’t touch them) and they escape easily!!!

Every time I try to play with my hammie, I feel like I am terrorizing it instead and it pisses both me and her off. She doesn’t like any treats (I tried dried strawberries, fresh veg and fruits, biscuits or cheese and even meat!) and long story short… I feel like she hates me.

The moment I go near her, she runs like there’s no tomorrow. And nobody wants a pet that apparently hates them!!!! I handle her almost every single day… but sometimes she’s just too small and too fast, she almost escapes and I get scared while handling her too.

I read on forums that most Robo owners do not play with hamsters because they don’t like to be touched. They just watch them run about because they’re really active, especially when in groups!!!

Some people said they never picked their Robo hamster up or played with it from the day they bought it until the day it died. HOW SAD IS THAT?!?

They are almost impossible to tame!!! I know that SOME people have done it, but all pets have personalities and obviously they lucked out and got the super cuddly and friendly one!!

I’m kinda sad, because I really wanted this to work out (Hunnybuns is sooooooooo cute) but I hate having to terrorize her all the time and I don’t see the point in having a hamster if you can’t feed it treats or even hold it.

So yeah…

I may be getting a winter white tomorrow, after I give away my Robo!

I went to the pet store just now and tried to play with them.. they are SO MUCH MORE TAME than robos omg!!!!!

All of the robos at the pet store acted exactly like mine at home. I felt relieved to know that it’s not because I am a sucky owner, it’s just in their nature.

I held the winter white and it just pretty much sat in my hand (didn’t even try to escape when picked up) and that’s so much more appealing!!!

I may be getting 2, so that they won’t be lonely :’) Of course I’ll get both girls coz I don’t want a male and a female to breed!!! They breed like no tomorrow!!

If anybody wants to give away their hammies, let me know! I can only adopt a maximum of 2. I will not accept anything older than a month or two. I’ll give it a good loving home :’)

Depending on breed as well… (obviously no robos!!!) But of course, first I’ll check if it’s tame!!!

Kinda sad that I’m giving Hunnybuns away, but I’m totally looking forward to my new hammie!!! This time I’ll treat it extra carefully now that I know how to handle hamsters already.

I hope you’re happier somewhere else where a crazy girl doesn’t spend an hour everyday chasing you around your cage just to hold you, Hunnybuns!!!!

Sorry to terrorize you so much T_T

I still ♥ you!!!!!!!!!!!!