A roborovski in my house? OMFG!!!!!

Ok so like the fucking craziest thing happened just now.

I went to meet my lecturer and classmate in school regarding my graduation project, and after the work was done, me and my classmate Nicholas went to have lunch together.

Since we had a lot of time to ourselves after that, somehow Nicholas convinced me that we should go shopping, so we did.

At first, I thought I was only going to accompany him but I ended up buying 10x the amount of items he did, cuz Cotton On has crazily cheap stuff!!! Like $5 for a sequin skirt can die omg.

Kk anyway that’s not all. I wanted to buy baking supplies, we went to the basement of the shopping mall and wanted to look for an electric mixer for my baking, and somehow WE ENDED UP IN THE PET STORE.

We were about to walk right out, when there was a little exhibit going on and they were showing little hamsters in cages!!

And I couldn’t help but notice this particularly cute and SUPER MEGA FREAKING HYPER ACTIVE one. The rest were all lazy blobs and not so cute, but this one was just adorable.

Obviously fawning over it, Nicholas asked the salesgirl to let us have a look at it.

I was like, “siao ah? I say cute only, I never say want to buy!”

And he’s like, “no la, see see only.”

And at first the little rascal was prancing around the cage like mad (her species is the smallest and fastest of all hamsters) so it was hard for the salesgirl to catch hold of her.

Finally she did, and the hamster was just twitching about in her hand, then she asked me if I would like to hold it.

Of course I said no (I’m not good with pets, babies, or anything alive / fragile) but somehow Nicholas persuaded me again, so I did.

And OMG, when I held her in my hands, she was SOOOOOOO docile and when I gave her head nice little comforting strokes, she made


Seriously, it went like this: ^________________________^!!!!!

And my heart just melted on the spot.

I just had to have her!!!! She only did the ^__________^ face when I touched her, and I tried playing with the other hamsters but they weren’t even half as cute as her.

All of a sudden I found myself asking for the gender and age of this little hamster, and other questions a potential pet owner would ask…


And FML somehow now I have a bright pink hamster cage sitting at the corner of my room.



I don’t even know!!!!!!!!! I’m not very good with pets at all. The last time I had hamsters in primary school (given by a friend) they almost died and they were choking and having lao sai coz I fed them jelly (what?! I was 9 years old and no money buy proper food!) and now I’m fucking terrified of mishandling animals.

Every time someone asks me to hold or watch over their puppy, I freak out silently. It’s like, OMFG ARE YOU SURE??? What if this thing explodes in my face?

…..Ok long story cut short, my boyfriend thinks I’m crazy, my brother thinks I’m crazy and I think my mom hates me.

And no, I’m not going to throw the hamster somewhere or abandon it cruelly la, I’m obviously not that kind of person!

I will take good care of it. I’ve already bought treats, toys, bedding, and a shitload of other things la. Sand bath also have wtf. Living more luxuriously than most people I know.

And first, she was VERY pleased with her surroundings because I bought her a fabulous pink cage with plentyyyyy of space (lucky spoilt bitch) so she was running around and exploring, didn’t show any signs of being uncomfortable at all.

In fact, I was surprised at how well she was responding to her new situation.

Super cute wooden mickey dog house for her and a see saw / swing thingy for her to play with!

She was happily eating her sunflower seeds, burrowing around in her fresh pink bedding and then curling up into a ball to sleep…. Then the next moment, she’d be going absolutely crazy running in her hamster ball. Fun life.



…..But being the fucking idiot that I am, I was obviously too fascinated with a new pet and I actually tried to pick her up, only to have her run like MAD and start squeaking like crazy and almost escaped her cage and I got terrified so I left her alone.

I didn’t expect this, because all the while I had my hand inside the cage, sometimes playfully throwing bedding at her or just trying to make some interaction with my fingers, and she didn’t seem to mind at all! Like she even sniffed my fingers a few times and didn’t seem to be afraid, so I took that as an OK sign.

She started to groom herself very ferociously and her behaviour changed completely – from happy hammie to flustered, scared, agitated hammie. Not playing, on “panic” mode instead. Eventually I tried to give her treats to calm this hamster in a frenzy down, but she wouldn’t take any.

Instead of fluffing around in bedding, she retreated to a corner and just didn’t move.

Like seriously STONING, as if it wasn’t even breathing!!!

Obviously I knew something was wrong, so I googled “how to take care of hamsters” and apparently on the first day, you’re NOT supposed to touch them at all. Like it’s a big no no.


I didn’t know it would agitate her so much.

Now she’s just sitting in a corner, obviously very miserable and I feel guilty as hell. It’s been over an hour and she’s still stoning and looking pathetic and somehow I think she hates me now.

I also dunno why, all I did was lightly pick her up (although it was from behind, I imagine now it would’ve been a bit of a surprise)

Way to go Jess, first day and you’ve already terrified your hammie!!!!

Now I’m damn scared to traumatize her even more, so I’m probably gonna leave her alone for a few days until she becomes more comfortable again.

I hope I haven’t fucked things up too badly at the start, oh I hope she becomes a cuddly fluffball soon!!! I mean, she was INCREDIBLY cute and docile at the pet shop when I held her, I didn’t expect her to act so differently when I brought her home.

I know it’s my fault, so pet lovers, give me a break ok!!!

Anyway, I just had to rant cuz I’m damn scared that my new hammie won’t love or trust me and won’t be fun to have at all.

Then WTF am I to do.

Another thing is, because she’s so damn agile, fast and small and I’m scared cuz she might escape anytime!!!!!

Walao I’m feeling stressed already, and all she is is a damn hamster. Imagine if I had a dog. Can die. Maybe dogs would like me better.

Well, now all I’m going to do is take things slow and hopefully in a week, when I try to pick her up she wouldn’t bolt across the cage and hopefully she makes that OMFG CUTE face when I stroke her head again.

I’ve never considered even buying a hamster before, and now I suddenly own one. Great. I guess she makes me feel a little less lonely whenever Sam is not around. I mean, she is THE SWEETEST THING EVER… when she wasn’t terrified of me.

I hope everything turns out fine, otherwise FML, I’d look fucking irresponsible and I’d be stuck with a hammie who hates me!!!

Btw, I do not regret buying her as a pet.

What I regret is my behaviour for being an idiot before and I’m scared of not being able to take care of her properly, cuz I didn’t expect the start to be so rough already!

I know what it’s like to almost cause a hamster’s death (repeat: I was NINE years old!!), so DO NOT WANT it happening again!!!

I hope this effed up start does not affect our future relationship. Like I don’t want her to become scared of me permanently and become aggressive!!!

At first I was SO SURE I could handle a teeny weeny hamster, but this incident frightened not only her, but me as well… Neh neh.

I’m sorry hunnybuns. We started off on the wrong foot, but we’ll be great together in the future… yes? *gulps*

Btw, my air con is super cold and when I go out, I don’t leave my air con on and SG weather is super hot. Is this bad for the hammie? Like, should I leave her outside at night? Cuz my aircon is 16 degrees.

I read online that hammies prefer colder weather, but somebody enlighten me, plz!!!! Any other info about hammies I should know?

(besides what I’ve already mentioned in this post)



Ok last night the stupid hammie wouldn’t stop running around in her ball and I think she’s feeling better. She’s not stoning anymore, I actually saw her bobbing herself up and down on the swing / see saw, so cute!!!!

But when I went nearer (I didn’t try to touch her at all, but my hand was on the cage) she sniffed around, then slowly came nearer and sniffed my finger, then RAN AWAY like really fast. Wtf.

Thinking of leaving her in the living room during the night coz she likes to take seeds up from her feeding down to the second level where the ball is and it makes a huge racket whenever she runs. Also, my super cold air con may not be good for her… -_-

I still can’t believe I got myself a hamster.

***Update 2***

Woke up at like 7am cuz the damn hamster kept spinning in the ball non-stop.. didn’t really get a good night’s rest. I don’t know why but it refuses to leave the ball – it shits, pees, sleeps, and runs in the ball!!!! I bought it such a big cage and it only stays in the ball FML.

Now the ball is filthy cuz shit and food and pee flies everywhere when she runs in it, and she’s rolling around in her own filth!!

Is this normal? She only leaves the ball to go get more food from her lower level of the cage. I can’t pick her up and put her downstairs where the proper bedding is, cuz she’s still not used to me yet.

I’m afraid she’s going to get sick or start to smell soon! I can’t possibly shove bedding inside her ball right? It’s already filled with her stored food and shit and all, how is she gonna run in her ball like this?

I’m starting to freak out quite a bit here.

  • DC

    Congrats on your furry friend.

    Actually, Robos are more suited for ‘viewing’ rather than handling.

  • Han

    Congrats on getting your new pet! I used to have 2 hamsters, same species as yours. I left the cage in the kitchen. They should get used to the weather here, as long as it’s too extreme. Eg, under direct sunlight. Other than bathing them, I don’t exactly touch them cos they move so quickly I can’t catch them at all.

    Well, they died after 3 years so I’m keeping a guinea pig now. I’ve read about not touching it for a few days so I left it alone for almost the entire week. Now it’s fine. So maybe you can leave your hamster on its own first or you can get another one to keep it company. Heard they don’t die as easily when they have company. (:

  • Sammy

    Hi, I heard there if the temp. is too cold for them, they might go into hibernation.

  • Jessica

    That’s what I heard also! But last night the damn hammie kept running in its ball the wholeeeeee night so I doubt it’s affecting it..

  • Jessica

    Aww, but I wanna play with it! T_T I’ll try again in 1 or 2 days… Right now it’s a lot happier and running around like mad. Almost annoying cuz it just won’t stop running, LOL

  • Jessica

    I know!!! She was the most hyper active one at the pet store. But I swear, when I held her in my hands, she just let me hold her and gave the most adorable expression on her face T.T I hope some day I’ll see that expression again. Otherwise the bitch cheat me one FML

  • lj

    Hehehe..so adorable

  • Jessica

    Adorable, but naughty!!!

  • Anonymous

    Dogs. Much better :)

  • Jessica

    I’m thinking the same!

  • Lene

    Put your hand in the cage and play with her using your fingers 1st! Let her get use to your smell b4 holding her. If you want her to hold her, hold her from the front instead from her back, and monitor her reaction. i have 5 hamsters! though 1 just passed away last week :( I always put my hand inside the cage and my sweeties will automatically climb onto my palms!

    Dont worry abt the filthy ball! Just wash it regularly, that will do :) cuz its actually individual hamster habit. and theres nth you could do about it! hamsters do change their habits here and there. so maybe in another couple of weeks, she wont be spending much time in the ball.

    Just for sharing, a vet mentioned to me b4 that its not advisable to use sandbath for hammies! as the sand is wayy too fine and it will actually irritate hammie’s eyes, and sometimes might cause eye infection.

  • Jessica

    Thanks for the advice! I can’t even go near her with my fingers, because the moment I’m within a few cm of her, she bolts like mad. I think her species is just naturally very shy. Oh well, I suppose I’ll have to be very patient, and I’m hoping with enough time things will progress. Can’t wait for the day that she would actually come to me!

    If don’t use sand bath, how to clean them? They get quite smelly and dirty.

    Btw, I can’t even wash the ball, cuz she’s in it like every single second. Until I put my finger inside the ball, then she runs out, and doesn’t go back in again because probably has my smell T___T

  • mj

    not to stress you but careful you don’t wake up one day to find your hamsters missing! i used to keep mine in a fish tank (with slippery walls – that when a lizard fell in (because it smelled the hammies food)- the lizard couldn’t climb out) but the hamsters could escape from the tank! not 1 escapee.. but 2 -_-

    the ball is a pain to clean esp when the shit gets stucked in the groove =/ oh and if you do get a companion for your hammie, make sure you don’t just dump the new one in because the females are territorial have to change bedding first.. at least that was the situation with my hams lolz.. good luck with yours!

  • Jessica

    Omg… Hammies are such troublesome creatures for what they’re worth! They don’t do tricks, they don’t cuddle with you but so troublesome! Neh neh.

    I’m going to put a fucking padlock on her cage, see how she escapes HAHAHA.

    I am not afraid of her escaping. I am most afraid that she would climb out of her cage and terrorize my mother because my mum’s been having nightmares ever since I told her I got a hamster. FOL. She hates furry things

  • Lene

    <span>yeah, got be v patient with these furrykids! some warm up real fast, some takes a couple of mths. Dont worry! she will come to you v soon as long if you spend enough time with her (:  
    Actually, hamsters dont need any bathing at all! they are natural groomers themselves. I used to bathe my hamsters twice b4, when they were 2 mths old, using water and human bodyfoam! but after consulting a vet, I nv bathe them till now. they are 2 yrs old alr, and still smelling good :D Some hams smells, bcuz of their habit. 1 of furrykid do sleep on their pee sometimes, which result in the smell. In such case, even with sandbath or water and soap could not get rid of e smell. could oni pray hard that she change out of this bad habit!  
    LOL! if your ham doesnt goes back to the ball, bcuz of your smell, i guess you really really traumatized it ALOT!! but still dont worry, in time, she will get used to you. Put your finger in the ball, she runs out, and you can wash the ball alreadyyyy!  <span>

  • (:

    haha,it’s rather amusing to read this post!It actually sounds like you have a baby and you can’t sleep the whole night!!!

  • Nana

    Hi ~

    you can just wash the ball regularly, there is nothing wrong with her, she just enjoy that corner thats why keep staying in the ball. :D

    Do rmb not to water bath your hamster, it is going to kill her. Only certain sandbath is good and recommended to use as some are too fine.. Charlie, Sluis or Jr Farm are great sand, can get from Pet station. :D

    Rmb no scented sand as it might cause allegy to your hamster after prolong usage. :)

    u can read up more on http://www.sghamsters.com/board, there’re plenty of information about hamster in there and u can share your experience with various singapore hamster lovers. :)  

  • Jessica

    LOL I’m leaving her outside tonight, otherwise confirm cannot sleep lor!

  • Jessica

    Hahahaha ok I tried to hold her again today, because she didn’t seem quite as scared. She was obviously still running away, but after listening to  someone’s advice, I decided to make her get used to me faster.

    And good heavens, she didn’t squeak!! She just twitched around quite a lot, but other than that, today’s “pick up” definitely seemed a lot better than yesterday. I’m going to do it everyday, a little at a time, and hopefully it will accept the food I offer it next time!

  • Jessica

    Thanks for the info!!! :)

  • joleen

    I had roborovski before too, a pair of them. But they just keep running and running around.
    Winterwhites are much tamer though… and if your hamster looks like she’s stoning.. probably pooping or just going into defensive mode XD
    slowly your hamster will get used to you (:
    my winter white took awhile to really like me !

  • passerby

    ive class hamster pets so i have some experience but i wouldnt advice you leaving your hammie in your bedroom, my parents told me that you would be inhaling their.. smell lol and its has bacteria and all that stuff from their pee and urine! also dont grab them from the back, everytime you want to hold you hamham wash your hands to get rid of any food smell (otherwise they would think its food and bite you hand) and let them smell your hands beforing grabbing them

  • Jessica

    Hahahaha will robos and winter whites fight if they’re in the same cage? I’m thinking of buying a winter white, in hopes that it will be more tame and lovable. If I have one, might as well have 2, same amount of trouble anyway.

  • Jessica

    Oic, thanks!! Ya, was quite worried about the “smell” as well T_T Sian, robos are so troublesome to take care of!!! Why didn’t I get a lazier, friendlier one!

  • xh

    i have the same situation as MJ! my hammies escape from the fish tank which i kept them and there’s 3 times (different hamsters btw) and i cant find one of it up till now..

    i think u need to buy one more hamster to accompany it, but not advisable to buy a male one, as they will breed, as mine used to breed 15 baby hamsters and end up, i have to give to pet shop or sth.. but sometimes, when u buy the same sex, they’ll fight depends on their characters.. but if it’s alone, it will feel bored and will have shorter life span?

  • Jessica

    Walao really fucking troublesome! Sian.

    Honestly, if I knew robos were so hard to handle, I wouldn’t have gotten them. Shouldn’ve gotten something lazy and docile like the wintet white. Mine’s damn fast and NEVER lets me get anywhere near her. I’m not a patient pet owner and I’m getting pissed off, because she acted so differently at the pet shop, which prompted my decision to buy her… I think I’m just getting annoyed coz all I’ve been doing the past 2 days is obsessing over a hamster that’s dead scared of me.

    I’m trying to give it time but so hard leh wtf!! Especially since you have to “give it time” but still play with it everyday to let it get used to you. Bah maybe I’ll give it away, while it’s not attached to me and I’m not attached to it yet

  • joleen

    eh i never put them in before but you can try, if they squeak then you have to take the other one out.. they’ll probably get along better if they’re the same gender though!
    winter whites are very tame and lovable XD cute little furballs !

  • Jessica

    Sob I want one!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! My robo is just too hyper active and scared and uncuddly! She is very fun to watch, but…… z

  • JOET

    Hey how much did you get your cage for?

  • Jessica

    I think it was like $55?

  • passerby

    haha i guess your hammie still isnt used of your scent and you carrying her yet. my hammies were the same as yours very hyperactive in the night, they would run on the exercise wheel and my bro got fed up and brought the cage to the backyard LOL. when i was still new to them, once in a while i would let them smell my fingers and pat them on the back. and i would cut up cardboxes and put them in it hm wouldnt suggest doing that cuz the hamham would panic and run around cuz its no familiar with the environment

  • passerby

    hm maybe if you die die must get another pet after giving away your hammie, maybe a guinea pig or a bunny would prolly be better for you.. a dog is too much of a hassle to handle.

  • Jessica

    Lol I know eh, they panic so easily!!! I know it’s just animal instincts to them, but I wish they were a LITTLE bit smarter and realize thet we’re not intending to harm them…

  • Jessica

    I’d think the dog’s intelligence and higher level of social interaction would make up for its troublesome ways, though. I’m not die die want to get a pet… it’s just a possibility for me :)

  • joleen

    Yeah they run too fast ):
    i could let my winter whites run around my hand or around the house when im walking behind them or something XD

    but robo.. i can only try to catch it , it never will sit in my palm!!

  • ruiting

    interesting post about ur new hamster! hahaha.
    i think i will never have a chance to own a furry pet at home because i think my mum will kill me for that. hahaha.
    one of my secondary school friend own hamters and they breed! so he is like forever giving away the babies away. if i am not wrong it should be pudding or something like that. hahaha.
    keeping a hamster seems fun uh. the first thing to look at when u get home after school. but the cleaning up is always troublesome. hahaha.

    good luck yeah! give it a cute name maybe? haha! :]

  • Jessica

    It’s name is hunnybuns hahahahaha!! My mum’s been having nightmares, she hates it XD

  • Jessica

    Sucks!!!! Grr

  • mj

    hehe damn funny right!! wake up and EH!? wth are my hamsters??? i wonder how they climbed out of the tank -_-

    how long has your last hamster been missing for?

  • Jessica

    Hahaha not sad meh? I’d imagine you guys love your hamsters more than I love mine!

  • joleen

    Mine went missing before too!
    The morning i woke up she was gone but the cage door wasn’t open :S
    Found her behind our old luggages in the storeroom kitchen, almost squashed her when i moved the luggages :S

  • Jessica

    Hahahaha I almost squashed hamsters before also! Damn tragic

  • joleen

    Hope your robo will warm up to you soon! (:

  • mmmm

    They are nocturnal I think? :S I’m not sure. Last time, my cousin had like 23 hamsters and all of them were SUPER active at night. She then left them in the living room.

  • cs

    I don’t think hamsters can live in cold temperatures. Because once I got a hamster and the uncle put it in a container. Left it in the car with the aircon running for like half an hour? When I come back, the hamster is not moving anymore. :O 

  • Jessica

    WTF! Died or what?

  • Jessica

    Wtf lor 23 hamsters? Your cousin running a farm or what?

  • Jessica

    I hope so too… I’m actually considering giving her away T_T

  • Han

    My hamsters were always running on the “trackmill”. They push one another off it so that they can use it. It’s funny seeing them both running on it, in different direction, then falling off it. But mine are always using them at night, so I left the cage in the kitchen.

  • Jessica

    Eee so cute!! Haha