Universal Studios

I feel sooooo much better!!!

Sam’s on the flight back home now, and even though we haven’t really talked a lot about our situation, I already feel like things are fixed. I guess all I really needed was a big, big hug and reassurance that all this effort will not be for nothing and that we’re both not wasting our own time. I snapped about a week ago because there was just so many things on my mind. Most of the time, relationship problems are the least of my concerns.

People seem to be under the impression that I lead a stupidly carefree life, which makes me wonder how naive they really are. I must be doing my job right then.

It’s good to be real and post about how you are REALLY feeling deep down inside every once in awhile, but nobody wants to have to read the diary of an emo kid every day.

Everyone has their own problems, I try to trouble others with mine as infrequently as possible.


So anyway, besides writing melodramatic posts on my blog, I also enjoy traveling across the world and visiting their theme parks whenever I can, so here’s a post on my time spent at Universal Studios!!!

Hehehe so cute!!!!

This is Bob, my baby shamu accompanying me at the breakfast table while Sam ran up to the hotel room to grab our memory cards for the cameras.

Oh how I miss starting every morning in Orlando with the heartiest breakfasts ever!

We ordered breakfast and I had fillet of steak, baked potatoes + tomato and scrambled eggs which was one of the best breakfasts I’ve ever had :D

That’s one of the great things about staying in a 5 star hotel – you can order absolutely anything on their menu and it will still be yummy yum yum!

*insert random weird narcissistic picture of myself cuz I can*

O hai, Universal Studios!!!

Where movies come to life!!!! I love movies and I love theme parks – this definitely works for me! ;)

I remember the first time my Dad brought me to Universal Studios. I wasn’t too excited at first, I just wanted to stay in Disney the whole time but I ended up loving it to bits because it’s like a theme park for older people.

You don’t get to see the mouse anywhere, but you get really cool effects and spectacular shows! Plus the buildings and architecture is quite amazing.

Instead of taking pictures with Disney Princesses, you get to take a pic with Marilyn Monroe & friends!!! How snazzy do they look?! I do love that fur coat.

I ADORE everything vintage - I wish I was born in the ’60s!

I love their era of music, fashion, and somehow life seemed a lot simpler but sweeter.

Universal Studios is so so so photogenic

Perfect place for people watching and a cuppa in the morning

What a sexy car!!!!!!!

I don’t care for cars, but how can I resist the old school charm of this black baby?

Hahahaha this pose would work better if I wasn’t wearing my boyfriend’s clothes and squinting so hard I didn’t even know where I was looking.

I can’t imagine when I’ll start driving!! But when I do, Sam said he’ll buy me a Pink Volkswagen Beetle Convertible!!! Omg even if he doesn’t I will buy it myself eventually!

I still can’t believe my mum got the white one *face palm*

I was approached by these two super cheeky mascots!

Woody Woodpecker and some monkey whose name I was told is George. Woody has the funniest and most annoying laughter ever!!! Been so long since I watched cartoons on TV. (or anything on TV in general)

It’s real cute and funny when mascots try to flirt with you – they do things like kiss your hand and hug you but the boyfriend can’t do anything!

Out first show was about Horror & Make UpI remember this from when I was about 10 years old!!!

Universal Studios is all about going behind the scenes and into the movies that they make, and this show demonstrates to people how they do certain special effects and make up that you see in their horror films!

For example, they showed us the machine which was used for the transformation from human to wolf in the classic “Wolfman”

The show started off with a big bang – or a scream, for this matter.

This woman came bustling through the doors, flailing her arms around and screeching.. oh and of course, she seems to have a knife stabbed into her bleeding chest.

She stumbled around the room and when she got to my side, I whipped out my camera and said “Ok now pose!” and she actually did LOL

I loved watching her, she’s such a riot and reminds me of Ellen Degeneres!

She and her partner were endless entertainment and original which made the performance so enjoyable to watch.

The best part? It wasn’t kid friendly. Tons of hilariously inappropriate jokes - Love it.

It was great to leave Disney behind for a bit.

Nothing says picture perfect like an arm that’s being cut open!

Sam in a fab mood after watching a great show.. and the person behind him obviously wants some attention so Congratulations, you’re on Underage-Girl’s blog now!

E.T ride!!!!!!

I heart this ride, you get to go on flying bicycles throughout the E.T adventure, and how often do you get to sit on bicycles that are suspended in mid air?!

So nostalgic :’)


The BEST part about Universal Studios is definitely the fact that they sell express tickets.

Which means you don’t have to wait in line for most of the attractions – for an extra (I think) 30 USD per person, you get to zip to the front of the line for every attraction, once.

So much better than Disney’s Fast Pass system! Come on Disney, you rip people off for everything already, might as well let those who can afford it buy express tickets!

The Fast Pass system is ridiculous because it’s a machine that gives you tickets that tell you to come back at a later timing, which could be anywhere from 15 minutes to 5 hours.

So basically you’d have to plan your day according to the Fast Pass tickets – or you could just wait in line for every ride for 2 hours. (You can only use a certain number of Fast Pass – very limited!)

The worst part is, Fast Pass tickets for the popular rides run out in the early morning and for the poor people in line,
the wait is extended even longer because everytime you think you’re that much closer to the front of the line,
a whole horde of FastPass dickheads would waltz in when their time comes (like 50 of them at one shot) and you’re like wtf, that’s another 20 minutes.

We could have saved like 20 hours of our life. Meh.

Ok *end of rant*

“Pet Ahoy!” show by Universal Studios – Lolol they came up with this story where they made it seem like the little boy actually stole the Orang-Utan’s bra.

They are so human like it’s not even funny!


Sam’s eyes lit up so brightly when he entered the place, he was like “Omg omg kiwk e mart, that’s the mini mart which Apu works at and owns!”

We walked inside and I think he half expected to see a funny looking indian with the most ridiculous accent behind the counter welcoming him, too bad it didn’t happen hahahaha

A little boy excitedly collecting Simpson-pressed pennies :)

Sam LOVES The Simpsons, he swears to have seen every single episode. It’s pretty funny, but a lot of the times I don’t get their jokes about american politics and other things that are so foreign :3

LOLOL HAI HOMER!!!!!!!!!! *pokes belly*

Him meeting Homer would be like me meeting Freddie Mercury or Paul McCartney.

He’s like the biggest freaking mascot ever. I wish Mascots could talk, that would be so funny!!! Everything Homer says is nothing short of stupid and hilarious.

Stopping for a mid day snack

Hot chocolate and Old Fashioned Funnel Cake topped with vanilla ice cream and drizzled with chocolate sauce!

Eeek! Sosososososooooooo good and I can’t get it anywhere else!!!

Funnel cakes are like waffles, but crispier (like big rice crispies!) and coated with lots of icing sugar :’)

The worst act at Universal Studios. The cast were awfully unfriendly (everyone else was super nice) and their performance was just really, really bad. Like cover-your-ears-bad.

What on earth was Universal Studios thinking when they hired them?! We walked out about 3 minutes into the performance. If I wanted to hear bad shameless singing, Youtube is good enough for me.

This was Sam’s favourite – the Revenge of the Mummy ride!!!

Unexpectedly fun but at the same time quite creepy actually, lots of rotten mummys and explosions with REAL fire (you can feel the rush of heat on your face whenever something goes BOOM!)

I love coasters where you can’t see the tracks and you don’t know what’s going to happen next - oh oh, better still if it’s really freaking dark and all you can see are special effects flashing around! Makes it 100 x more exhilarating ^_____^

Outside the attraction, they had people dressed up Egytian style so we had a pic taken with them and they were very creepy and gave weird stares and never talked (part of their roles) and if you make fun of them, they will GRAB YOUR HAIR and pull it without mercy, like what happened to me! T.T

A neat touch to the attraction, but I personally felt the “hostile” behaviour was a little overdone. Scared some kids away!

Pissed Sam off too, when the black dude pulled his hair so hard he went like “OUCCHHHH!”

The eyeliner looks good on you. The topless part looks great as well, but I’m really not quite sure about the hat, sweetie.

Saw this less scary and hotter egyptian angmoh thingy so I did a close up on him and he actually stared into my camera (or at me?) for a very long time, even though he was obviously “posing” for other peoples pictures :P

I’m not a mummy but you can be my daddy any time.

LOLOL I am so bad at coming up with pick up lines


Ending this post with their newest roller coaster called Rip, Ride, Rockit!”

The coaster is HUGE, and the whole thing’s music-themed so you can choose different genre of songs and tracks from specific artistes to be played during your coaster ride! How hot is that!!!!

They have R&B, pop, rock, everything!

The music would be blasting from speakers on your headrest and it would be so loud, you couldn’t hear the people behind you screaming or even yourself!

(images that are obviously not my style of photography / editing are all taken from google)


Crazy vertical uphill scale then a DEEEEEEEEEP drop!!!!

Omg I need my adrenaline fix NOW!

We purchased the coaster’s DVD, and even though the footage of us is really short, I don’t think I’d ever be able to see myself on a roller coaster on tape ever again, so here it is!!!

The video shows a lot of animation and graphics and POV riding, so if you just want to see our expressions only, fast forward to 1:03 and again at 1:30 and lastly at 2:09!!!

Wooohooo~ Here we go!!!


HAHAHA 1:30!!!

I WILL SURVIVE!!!!!!!!!!

  • hfl

    Good to know that you’re  fine now. It’s ok to be emo once in a while but not too often ok? :)

  • Jessica

    Yesh I know, not too often.. :-[

  • ZL

    The ride seems so cool! How I wish I can try that kinda rides too if I dont have phobia for heights. Hahah.

  • Jessica

    Ooooh I get pretty freaked out by heights too, like if I’m at the 20th storey and I look straight down, I can feel my insides turn >:o But I can’t help my love for the thrills roller coasters give me!!! They’re awesome, air-time during drops is one of the best feelings in this word hehe

  • Siah Shu Fen

    lol, REALLY short footage…it’s a ripoff!

  • Jessica

    LOL I know it was like $50 USD as well! Crazy!!! But at least now I have a video of me and Sam on a coaster and it’s so epic, I can never get bored of watching our expressions over and over again 8-)

  • linjie

    Seems like you guys had much fun!! :)

  • Jessica

    We did, hehe!! Not really looking forward to USS since I’ve already been to USF, which seems heaps better..  >__<

  • C

    happy for you that things are alright :) roller coaster !!!! o.o would you ever bungee jump? :/

  • cindy

    <span>ur cropped faux fur jacket looks awesome. where is it from?

  • Jessica

    Thanks! Some random shop at Far East Plaza. $28 dollars only. :-$ O:-)

  • Jessica

    Omg I’ve been dreaming about bungee jumping since FOREVER!!! I actually wanted to try it in Orlando, but chickened out in the end. They have one of the world’s tallest bungee jumps there!!! Seems soooo fun but I’m really scared because it’s different la!! No protection omg just free falling. My heartbeat accelerating just thinking about it >:o

    BUT I WILL, SOMEDAY!!! Someday I will be crazy enough. I just know it.

  • Serene

    Hi Jess,

    I find that you’re a very sensible girl for your age. :) I really admire that quality.

    I’m in a LDR too. I met my bf in Dec 2008 but were only officially together on Dec 2009. He used to come back once every 5 months, but I have to wait till Decemeber to see him again this year. It really sucks, but I wanna let you know that you’re really lucky that you get to meet Sam once every month.

    I know that we girls are so prone to having weird imaginations when he’s so far away. The only motivation is the memory of happiness you both shared when you both were phsically together. It’s just the distance that is destroying everything. So hang in there no matter what because many people are experiencing the same thing and you happen to be the luckier few to see your bf once every month! :) be strong!


  • Jessica

    TY dear… So sweet, you people are :*