The Spinning Woman!

Reading all the comments for my previous post was very heartwarming :’)

I am really glad to know that people can find my post easy to relate to. There is no need to thank me, others gave me plentiful good advice in the past but I ignored most… I’m hoping my post could have reached out to at least some of you out there.

Anyway, today’s a new topic and it’s far from being emo!

Because I’m geeky like that, today I am going to blog about an Optical Illusion!!!

It fascinates me to no end and I go like, “ooOOooh! Aahhhh..” everytime I see it, so I thought I’d share with you guys this gem I found over the internet!

This is a really popular one that I’m sure at least some of you have seen. It’s not really an optical illusion per se, but it’s extremely entertaining nonetheless.

Known as the “spinning woman”, this silhouette looks like just any other dancing figure…

But the question is, can you make her dance for you?

According to studies, if at first glance you see the woman spinning clockwise, then you use the left side of your brain more and vice versa, if you see her spinning anti-clockwise, you are using the right side of your brain.

If you really want to, you can CONTROL the movements of this dancer, solely by exerting enough control over your brain.

Apparently, most people would see her spinning anti-clockwise but I saw her spinning clockwise at first! You can google the difference between people who use their left / right brain to find out what kind of person you are.

At first, this woman never changed direction for me at all, and I got frustrated knowing that others can while starting to doubt it – could be some lame Internet scam.

But after 40 minutes, and after much concentration plus a substantial amount of patience and faith, I can change her direction every few seconds at will now and it’s so cool because I’m telling my brain what to do, and not having my body take total control over me!

The brain sees what it wants to believe.. It all depends on how much you want to believe it.

Try it for yourself!!!!

Tried, but still can’t change her movements by yourself? Here’s a few neat tricks to share with you guys, after wasting 1 hour + on my life staring at the above illusion, I am now a spinning woman illusion master!!!

Easy ways I’ve discovered to change her direction:

1) First off, you have to believe that this woman CAN and WILL change direction for you.
Like I said, the brain sees what it wants to believe. If you’re thinking that this is a rigged picture – it’s not. Get your bf/ gf / family to stand beside you and ask them if they see the woman spinning anti-clockwise or clockwise – high chances are, your answers will be different.

Frustration gets you nowhere… To be able to fool the brain and manipulate your own vision, you have to be open to the possibility otherwise it’s not going to work. One side of your brain cannot be too dominant!


2) Start off by looking at fancy and vibrant pictures / photographs that are full of life, and once you’ve absorbed that, look back at the spinning woman.

Then, read a confusing chunk of text about anything – read your history textbook, google “What are nuclear weapons made of” - anything that’s foreign and confusing!

Logic and imagination is handled by two different parts of your brain. I looked at a picture of me and Sam on holiday then I started to read a chunk of text – amazingly enough, the moment I started to change my focus on the two different subjects, from the corner of my eye I could see the woman change her direction!!!


4) Another easy peasy way would be to stare at the upper half of the woman’s body for about 30 seconds.

Just focus on the direction that she is spinning, then change your focus onto her lower half of the body. The shadow of her spinning feet would trick your brain, and she should change direction for you. Alternatively, you can scroll my blog blog so that all you can see is the the top part of her head. Then, slowly scroll down further to reveal the rest of the image.

Take note of which direction she’s spinning, then repeat the same experiment again, this time starting from the bottom and ONLY revealing the shadow of her feet! You must not be able to see her body. Slowly scroll upwards to reveal the rest and you should find that the direction has changed,


5) Once you’ve mastered the above steps and have started to properly freak out, it is time for the ultimate test.

Instead of resorting to additional materials for help, don’t look at pictures, don’t read confusing text and don’t look at her shadow.

Cover the tell-tale shadow, then simply start to focus on the contours of her body. You will realize that her body is designed in a way that at a certain angle, it is easy to picture her spinning in the opposite direction while still in the same position!

Because she is merely a 2d-silhouette, it’s hard for the brain to picture depth and shadows etc, so reality is easily changed.

With enough willpower, you can focus on imagining her changing direction and with enough time and mastery, you should be able to manipulate her movements every few seconds, whenever you’d like to!


Now you have your very own dancing ballerina, choreographed to the thoughts of your brain.
Fascinating or what?!? I don’t think I’d ever get bored of it.

Oh, and one more thing! If you find this all hard to believe, get somebody to record you and the image of the spinning woman for about 1 minute.

Whenever you see her change direction, shout out “Changed direction!” and then replay your footage.

You’d realize that she never changes direction at fixed intervals. You may have shouted “changed direction”, but what was caught on footage shows that she was still spinning the same way along…

Call me a nerd, but I’m so easily fascinated by how the brain works!!!

…So tell me, do you have power over your own body?


Okie, back to my own life, enough attention for spinning woman already.

Went to pick Sam up from the airport last night, and decided to glam it up a little to surprise him!

Usually I’m just in T-shirt and shorts and I look like death, cuz his flights always come in at 12am +.

Good hair days are always a fabulous excuse to post huge ass vain pictures of yourself! I love how my hair looks in this picture :>

But I just removed my hair extensions just now, cuz I’m fickle like that!!!! Only had it on for a month plus or two.

If you want hair extensions like mine, go to my sidebar on the left and there’s a banner for Milly’s that you can find out more details on ^.^ Or just click here!

Can’t wait for my upcoming hair sponsor.. So needing a new cut and a new dye job, roar! But since it’s going to be sponsored, I’m trying to be patient and wait for a week + instead of spending the money myself now.

Okily dokily, back to doing my advertorial. Byee!!!

Enjoy the rest of your weekend people. Mine’s gonna be fab cuz I’m gonna be with Sam HEHEHE!

  • Peggy

    Omg. I’VE GOT THE POWER! The ballerina changes direction everytime i blink. LOL. Never knew i had so much brain power haha. Cool stuff. :)

  • Jessica

    HAHAHA everytime you blink!!! So kua zhang!

  • spange

    only took like a min before she turned the other way!! ahaha
    sooo coooool :D

  • Jessica

    Heh, try controlling her movements to switch every 5 seconds! Having her switch as different parts of your brain dominates is easy, but controlling her movements to move as you will frequently is hard! But it is pretty darn cool isn’t it 8-)

  • ting

    WEE~ I can do it in a blink too.. I stare at her thigh. Blink! & she changes direction. Amazing~

  • M

    Hahaha! The ballerina changed directions each time i talked to myself!

  • Jessica

    HAHAHA why you all so funny one. Talking to yourself works meh?? I try later!

  • Jessica


  • :(

    It doesn’t work for me! It doesn’t turn anti clockwise no matter what I did, including your methods. Argh. T_T

  • jam

    wow i was concentrating SO HARD the other day and she refused to change directions for me.. and today i tried and i can finally switch the direction whenever i just look away and come back to it. thanks to your persuasion skills in this post haha, i was almost gonna give up.

  • Jessica

    Hahaha now the next step is mastery of WILLPOWER!

  • Jessica

    LOL it doesn’t switch direction for Sam either. Try looking at it from different angles out of the corner of your eye.. That’s cheating though. This is meant to train giving two sides of your brain equal dominance, it’s not just about seeing a figure magically turn. No point if you’re just blinking and happened to see her turn, you know?

  • zhu

    LOL. The easiest way is… Once you see her in a particular direction, close ur eyes (or blink) and tell your mind the other direction. When you open your eyes, it will change to the direction you have told your mind. =p

  • K

    You don’t look good with this hair colour. Dark brown/black is much much better on you.

  • G

    oh i have seen this 2d girl on the net! it’s really fun if you have the ‘power’ to change her direction every now and then ^^ i am a master too!

  • kerry

    you got it wrong!

    it’s clockwise – right brain and vice versa

  • SM

    ITS SO COOL! I even saw the dancer in an awkward position trying to change direction! And for a moment, i seriously freaked out!

  • lj

    So fun! :)

  • Jessica

    Hahaha yeah, initially when you can ALMOST change her direction, you can see her twitching awkwardly – that’s both sides of your brain fighting for dominance!

  • Jessica


  • mj

    stuck at anticlockwise for me :(

  • Jessica


  • Joyce

    The strangest thing is.. once I got her to turn in the anti-clockwise direction, I couldn’t get her to turn in a clockwise fashion anymore. O_O

  • Jessica

    Turning once is the starting step to being able to control her freely! :D

  • k ~

    WOw! ITS SO COOL! I can change the direction just by telling myself “turn clockwise” or “turn anti-clockwise” AWESOME STUFF JESS! I never knew the brain can do stuff like that! Woots!

  • cee

    haha it was pretty funny; it kept changing directions for me at the start and i had to decide which one was the one i saw at first glance to see which brain i was using more! 

  • Felicia

    Hey I was wondering what hair products do you use? If not do you usually go for hair treatments? Your hair looks so soft and shiny! Me likesy.

  • Jessica

    I don’t go for hair treatments, and my hair is actually quite messy most of the time, it’s just that I make sure it looks good for pictures hahaha. A good hair mask should do the trick, usually enough to keep my hair soft and shiny :)

  • Lucia

    Yay I can do the trick too! Whoohoo I feel so smart now! Nerd alert :P I so totally gonna share this with my friends too :D Let’s see if they got good brains as well ;)

  • Jessica

    LOL good brains!