Slice of rainbow!!!

Nothing like eating a slice of rainbow to brighten up your day!!

  • Lucia

    Dearie this looks amazing! Saw all the pics on Twitter and I have to say that Sam is super skilled when it comes to the rose <3 The cake looks super delicious, nom nom. And the rainbow colors…they just leave me speechless…*stares from all the amazement* Congratulations to both of you <3

  • Pricilla

    omg that is so cuteeee!!! i mean the cake :-[ but yes, i feel happy just by looking at it!

  • Jessica

    I know right!!!! Took me so long to bake it :*

  • Jessica

    Yay yay yay, thank you doll!!!!! ♥

  • jolene

    how do you make it? looks so yummy! n i love the colours! :D

  • Jessica

    I’m gonna post a how-to post very soon, probably tonight or tomorrow, so stay tuned!!! :)

  • yingyi

    OH YA! I’m looking forward to your post!!!! loveee :)

  • linjie

    So pretty! Definitely will brighten up your day. :-D

  • Jessica

    Hehehe it sure did!!!

  • Jessica


  • yingyi

    do share with us whats the ingredients too!!! it makes me smile whenever i look at the picuture! :)

  • Audrey

    That looks amazing! And you should submit that photo to this website (and get inspiration from others as well) :)

  • S

    Did you just use food colourings? Any flavours for it? Just curious! :)

  • Ashley

    Where’s my how-to rainbow cake post?!?? :@

  • Jessica

    No-taste food colouring!!

  • Jessica

    It’s up! A little late, 12:30am but I usually post my entries around this time :-P

  • DC

    Wow! The rainbow reminds me of Carebears!

  • Jessica

    Hehehe that’s great, isn’t it?