Shiberty and DaNang!!!

After all the wordy entries I’ve been posting recently, I thought we could all do with a little less reading and some senseless giggling for awhile :)
Well I could, at least!

And so I present to you….

Shiberty and DaNang!!!

LOL that’s Sam’s drawing of us, L4D style. Pretty cute huh? Still can’t believe that’s where we met.

Anyways I decided to dig up and upload some silly videos of us getting up to our usual antics :)

This is for you baby!! I miss you heaps

Read title to roughly know what the vid’s about!! They’re pretty random lol

First time seeing each other in a month, we were quite delirious :]

LOL porridge! I actually like runny ice cream.

Aww look how gentle he is when’s he talking to his mother!

Me: Why are you touching your nipple?
Him: I was touching my heart!


It was hard to concentrate on giving the waitress my order -___-

LOL at Aquatica. This is pretty damn funny. I love his expression when I give him the finger.


Good god, I have exams coming up in like a week, and I haven’t even started studying! I’ll still try my best to post regularly.

Wish me luck with my papers!!! I haven’t been attending lessons that regularly… at all. But I’ll make it somehow, I always do.
I must get good results to study in Melbourne!

And I WANT to study in Melbourne. I’ve had enough of Singapore for now. Living overseas for awhile might just be exactly what I need.

  • Joey

    good luck for your exams (:

  • Jessica


  • janice

    love your accent when you speak :)

  • Jessica

    Ahaha I don’t know what to reply to that @__@

  • 123456?

    hey jess
    lol saw that vid of your bf talking to his mother ><
    what language is he speaking?
    and cute videos haha!

  • Jessica

    He’s vietnamese :) And TY!