Rainbow Frenzy!!!

So recently, I’ve been obsessed with the idea of baking pretty, pretty cakes.

I don’t know where my new craze and interest sparked from, but it’s really fun and everybody loves a good, yummy cake so heck, I proclaim baking to be my new-found official hobby!

My first task?


See, the previous cakes I’ve baked so far have been quite FAIL, if I do say so myself… They either look weird, or taste weird.

So my first “proper” cake had better be something unique and really awesome – I decided on baking a RAINBOW cake. (I obviously adore bright colours)

Not just ANY rainbow cake… I was determined to make a rainbow cake that will make people go “ZOMG” and hopefully persuade them that I am a bloody awesome baker even though I actually almost have no idea what I’m doing.

And because I’ve been getting so many requests doubled with the fact that I am an angel,


Mission Cake Rainbow : WIN!!!

To bake a rainbow cake like mine, you will need..

A helpful boyfriend to start off with. LOL. It’s quite a lot of trouble for one person to handle, especially if you don’t have all the appropriate tools!

If you don’t have a trusty bf, get your maid / friend or prepare to spend a couple of hours on this.


As for the ingredients, you will need:

Your own recipe for the cake mix.

Take any off google or buy a baking cook book. I used a pre-made cake mix from the supermarket, because I find that using pre-made cake mixes as a base always turns out the best for me.

Somehow, their cake mix ensures that the cake has the perfect light and fluffy texture that I want. Plus it’s so convenient, I just add milk and eggs and mix away!

Mine is a regular vanilla-based sponge cake.

Make sure the cake mix is not dark or heavily coloured because it will affect the colours of the rainbow!

Usually I just add flavouring and extra bits that I want to the pre-made cake mix to give it a little bit of my own touch, such as adding Vanilla Extract or Chocolate Chip bits.

After mixing your eggs + flour + butter + sugar + whatever else in… It’s time to paint the colours of the rainbow!

You’ll need a variety of vibrant, tasteless high quality food colouring.

Don’t be cheap – a little goes a long way when it comes to food colouring. Make sure its tasteless or your cake will end up tasting funny, and buy high quality colouring coz you don’t want shitty colours!

I got my utensils and ingredients from Redman, it’s a baking shop where you can find almost everything you will need to bake this cake in their shop!

Get fondant, colouring, utensils, decorating tips, flour sugar etc all from there :)

Separate your batter mixture into 6 equal bowls, then add the food colouring into each individual bowl as seen above!

You want to be very careful with food colouring. The one that I’m using is extremely concentrated, and won’t come off clothes if I stain myself, so sometimes just a few drops is sufficient. (I used the ends of chopsticks to dip into the food colouring)

You don’t want to underdo it cuz the colours look the best when most vibrant, yet at the same time you don’t want to overdo it cuz it might taste off and look too saturated.

Add a few drops of colouring each time, and mix well, then observe the colour.

Most of the time, the batter mixture appears quite light but when well-baked, it turns to a much darker colour… You can compare my coloured batter to the actual cake later on.


Once you’ve completed all 6 colourful bowls of the rainbow, it’s time to start baking!!!!

** The trick here is to bake your different coloured layers ONE by ONE.

Start off with the bottom most layer, which is purple, then slowly work your way up to the other layers. If you have multiple pans, good for you.. saves time and effort.

Spread the batter evenly into your baking pan (didn’t take pics of these coz was too pre-occupied) and set oven heat to about 180 degrees and bake for 25 minutes for each layer!

If you DON’T bake the layers separately, instead of a nice and even rainbow, you will get…


A mushy, tie-dye effect kind of rainbow cake.

We thought that carefully placing each layer of coloured batter on top of each other in the pan would keep the colours and shape together, but how wrong we were…

My family doesn’t think it looks all that great but it’s all about personal preference cuz me and Sam thinks it’s just fine like this.

Of course it’s not as nice as the properly-layered rainbow, but it’s pretty damn unique like this already and it looks really fun all the same!

It is also a lot less time consuming and more convenient.

You’d take about 45 minutes to bake this tie-dye rainbow cake, but with the other one you’d need a grand total of 150 minutes for the 6 different layers to bake individually!

However, if time and effort is not an issue and if you’re really out to wow people and impress,

I suggest you read on and follow the rest of my instructions for a WIN rainbow cake :)

While your 6 layers of cake bake individually for 150 minutes, you have plenty of time… so start thinking of how you’d like to decorate the top of the cake!

We used white fondant (it’s like edible play-doh) to create different cake-topper decorations,

and I simply L♥VE fondant!!!

You can do so many things with it…

Roll it out to cover your entire cake for a smooth, professional finish, or come up with your own lovely little creations if you are artistic enough like my boyfriend!

Check out the rose that Sam handmade with white fondant!!!!

Is he bloody talented or what?!? Mad skills. I kept them instead of eating it hehehe


So once all 6 layers of the cake have been baked, make sure you pile them on the right way!

Purple first, then blue, then green, then yellow, then orange and red.

Wait for your cake to cool down for about an hour, then start decorating! I suggest covering the top with white, because that will add a nice touch of contrast and give your rainbow that extra burst of colour.

We covered the entire thing with white fondant and made the pink icing ourselves, using this recipe and pink food colouring. Tastes GREAT!

Sam also created these two little doves, because… I don’t even know. LOL.

What have doves got to do with rainbows?!?!

Nevertheless, they are supa dupa cute!!!! This is your cake, do whatever you want with it. If you’re baking it for someone else, use coloured icing to write a short personalized message!

It’s perfect for birthdays and festive events because it’s just so happy-looking and original.

Alternatively, if you can’t be bothered doing such detailed decoration (it really is hard work) then just drench your entire cake with a generous amount of white icing then top it off with rainbow sprinkles!!!

That was what I did for the tie-dye rainbow cake.

And that’s it, you’re done!!!!


Put your cake into the fridge for a bit before serving, because cakes are always nicer when slightly chilled.

At first sight, the cake may look like nothing particularly spectacular (especially if you have a neutral and plain topping like all white) but once you slice it open…..


(shitty photo cuz this one was taken at night)

They will find that they have underestimated you and your seemingly boring cake, because people do NOT expect rainbow cakes!!! MUAHAHAHAH!

At least, that was the satisfaction I got when my family went “OOOoooOOohhh” when I showed them my cake!

….Okie, I hope I have successfully passed on my profound wisdom and knowledge to you so off you go, go make somebody’s day by baking them the most awesomest cake they have ever seen!

In my opinion, home made cakes baked with love are far better than buying some shitty Swensens ice cream cake or your average fruit cake or chocolate cake.

Come on, you have more sincerity and creativity than that, don’t you?!?

It’s never been all about the taste or professionalism, it’s always about how happy the cake makes that person!

And my rainbow cake makes ME very very happy!!

I don’t even know why.. I just can’t help but grin every time I look at it. I look at it more than I eat it.

Fluffy colourful goodness!

I love it when the house smells like batter, it gives off such a homely vibe….

I can’t wait for my next friend’s birthday, because I have tons of ideas I’d love to explore, and I’m gonna start baking a lot more!!!

I may not be fantastic at it, but it makes me happy and it’s so fun… and it makes the people who get to eat it happy, too!

My family actually gathered at 1:30am to eat my rainbow cake cuz that’s the time I finished baking it HAHAHAH wtf!

Rainbow crumbs!!! ^______^

One last picture and tip for you guys!

I didn’t put any layers of cream in between the cake because I didn’t want to break up the colour.

Since rainbow is the theme we’re going for, it would be silly to ruin it by having random layers of cream so either colour your cream accordingly with the rainbow, or make sure the top and side has lots of buttery sinful cream so that your cake will not be too dry!

And there you have it, now you know how to make a rainbow cake too!!!

It’s so easy and definitely a crowd pleaser – I can’t believe how many people approved of this cake when the previous ones I’ve baked were all so….. let’s just say, they weren’t too excited about it.

HAVE FUN!!!!!!!

Oh I can’t wait for the next cake I bake!

If you’re going to bake one according to my post, leave a comment with pics or let me know how it turned out for you, okie!!!

  • a

    PRETTY CAKE! :-D also, may i ask how you bake the individual layers separately? you mean like, start off with the base then after baking it slowly bake the next layer, then the next etc etc? wouldn’t the bottom layer be very dry? =-O

  • Jessica

    Thanks!!! ^.^

    Oh no no no, you know how I told you guys to separate the 6 colours into different bowls? Take the purple bowl, and pour the batter in first. Bake that layer ONLY, then take it out, put it on a plate, then continue with second layer… etc.

    Bake one colour at a time, and slowly pile them up! :)

  • alicia

    Love your colourful cake! How about trying to bake panda bread next time?
    Here’s the link. http://vintagesnoise.blogspot.com/2010/05/super-cute-panda-bread-recipe.html

  • Ashley

    Hehe thank ya!!! I feel so rainbowish now. Lol, I’m still up though. :/ Hmm, but they said food colouring wasn’t really good for health and guess what! Baking is my hobby too!!!!!!! :)

  • PS

    awesome man… thats the prettiest cake ever..

  • nat

    but will the layers stick together when you pile them up?

  • Jessica

    Hehehe thanks! :)

  • Jessica

    Well, lots of things are not good for our health and we still consume them on a daily basis… I reckon food colouring is the least of our worries ;)

  • Jessica

    Oh, they won’t drop or fall apart if that’s what you’re saying… They’re all of the same shape and weight!

  • Jessica

    Ooooh that’s supa cute!!! Never seen bread like that before. I’ll keep this idea in mind, however I’m thinking of sticking to cakes right now, since they taste better and allow much more creativity to flow :-D

  • Rachel

    Hey where do you get the white fondant and how much does it cost? Thanks ! ^^

  • jam

    Got to love the colors! Where did you get those dyes from?

  • Faith

    it is gorgeous!! :D

  • A

    Are you going to post how you are going to make the colourful cake up the next post? :)  

  • linjie

    Wow..it sure takes a lot of time and effort to make a beautiful cake. v sweet of ur family to gather n eat it at 1.30am. :)

  • Anonymous

    THATS TOO PRETTY. The most beautiful rainbow cake ive ever seen! :D You’re talented. Hehehe im always a failed baker. :(  

  • Jessica

    Awww hehehe thank you!!!!! ^____^

  • Jessica

    Yup!!! Lots of effort, and wayyyyy more expensive + troublesome than just buying a cake from a store… So ultimately, the sincerity really counts!

  • Jessica

    Huh?? I posted how to make a rainbow cake already! O_O

  • Jessica

    TY TY TY

  • Jessica

    I got them from Redman (baking shop) They cost about $12.90 for around 12 colours!!! Awesome stuff. The colours are super vivid and they come in all sorts of shades, even black!

  • Jessica

    Redman! It costs about $7 for one packet, and one packet should be enough to decorate and cover your entire cake (unless your cake is huge) but there’s LOTS of fondant in one packet!

  • siying

    the rainbow cake is really nice!! How i wish i could try it! NICE WORK JESS(:

  • Jessica

    You can try it too sweetie, it’s really easy!! Just follow my instructions and it will turn out great :*

  • Anonymous

    love the colours! might use your idea for my bf’s bday next mth! :)
    may i know what brand is the cake mix?

  • Ashley

    Did you apply frosting in between the layers? :o And you didn’t level the cake right? Haha..

  • Jessica

    I think I used Greens and White Wings. It doesn’t really matter what brand, they all taste the same!!!

  • Jessica

    No frosting or cream between the layers, as mentioned in the end of the post. That would break up the rainbow theme, unless your frosting is coloured as well~

  • Hayley

    Did the cake taste good?

  • Jessica

    It was great! Light and fluffy butter cake, with a vanilla base and cream at the side and top 8-)

  • Huien

    I admire how such simple little things can actually make you really happy :> You’re so lucky! ^^ That cake just looks so uplifting!

  • Jessica

    Heh! I guess when it comes to certain things, I’m fairly easily amused. Rainbow stuff definitely steal my heart :’)

    I’ve always had a soft spot for pretty pastries, cakes, etc! I like looking at them more than eating them. And thanks love!

  • Anonymous

    hey, great cake! one question, will the layers rise when you bake them? or do they remain flat?

  • Jessica

    Thx! The layers will definitely rise as all pastries and cakes do with baking. That’s why the layers are not perfectly 100% even. You can always cut the top concaved part away, but I think it doesn’t really matter :)

  • Mary

    Do you have the receipe for the rainbow cake? Like the measurements?

  • Lin

    Do you have the receipe for the cake mix? and how do you make each layer to be so thin?

  • Jas

    Hi, may i know what brand/kind of cream did you use for the sides of the cake? :)

  • Jessica

    I used Bulla’s cream, they’re great!!! I use them for baking and even cooking hot food, like making creamy mushroom sauce. Yummy!

    It looks exactly like this : http://www.pactgroup.com.au/images/dairy/bulla-cream.jpg

    All I did was add 1 cup of icing sugar to the cream mixture and it was ready to be slapped onto the cake for major nom noms!

  • :D

    hi what brand of fondant did you use? redman or wilton? or satin ice? thanks :D cake looks awesome!

  • Jessica

    I think I used redman, but I heard Wilton has really good fondant as well :)

  • Anonymous

    I THINK THE MUSHY TIE DYE EFFECT IS PRETTY COO-EL THOUGH. I see a heck load of rainbow cakes on tumblr, hahahahahaha. 

  • Ashley

    But will the layers stick together?

  • guest

    it’s not homemade if you use a cake mix..

  • Jessica

    Whatever -_- Use your own recipe la. Won’t taste nicer than a cake mix anyway

  • jolene

    thanks for the recipe! :D mind if i ask which brand of oven u’re using? and where is the redman located at?

  • Jessica

    I’ve no idea what brand my oven is, LOL, it came with the condo! There’s a redman at Simei Eastpoint, not sure about other outlets, you can google

  • steph

    since you only put cream at the sides of the take, does it mean that when it’s served in pieces the layers might fall apart easily? like, do you tend to eat the cake layer by layer instead of muching bits from it?

  • Jessica

    The layers will not fall apart easily -_- Why do people keep asking the same obvious questions?!? Why would it fall apart? As long as you bake it in the same mass and shape, it’s stable, like stacking coins on a table.

  • jeanette

    i think they mean is it stable when you slice it, because after slicing when it comes out in one slice, does the slice separate into each individual layer?

  • Jessica

    No, it will still stick together, because cake is squishy and moist. If you pile them onto each other while they are freshly baked, they will stick to each other well, just leave it to cool down for a bit. Compression + sticky texture = nothing to worry about.

  • steph

    yeah that was what i meant.

  • Anonymous

    lol the guest got pwnd.

  • steph

    okay, thanks jessica!(:

  • ade

    can i know which supermarket u refer to for buying the pre-made cake?  like ntuc, cold storage u mean?

  • Anonymous

    hi so you said you added icing sugar to bulla cream to make frosting so it means 1 cup of sugar to the whole 300ml of bulla cream or?

  • jolene

    oh! thanks so much ! :D

  • Jessica

    Yeah, I added 1 cup of icing sugar to the whole bottle of Bulla’s cream, but you can lesson or add the amount according to your own taste. It’s icing!

  • Jessica

    I bought it from NTUC, but any supermarket also have pre made cake mix… Betty Crocker has the best cakes :)

  • Jessica


  • Anonymous

    oh oh another question! will it be the hard kind of icing or turn out to be the soft kind of cream we normally get on cakes?

  • joleen

    Hello ! where did u get the coloring from? thanks (:

  • Jessica

    Wilton at Redman

  • Jessica

    The soft kind is actually buttercream, not icing. Mine is icing, and the top will harden up eventually, even faster if you refrigerate it but it will still be quite mushy.

  • Inez

    Hey! Your cake looks really cute! May i ask the exact location ( like how to get there etc) of the baking shop? Seems like a pretty cool shop :D

  • Jessica

    I got my stuff from Redman @ Eastpoint, and thanks!

  • ade

    ok thanks:) wad do u mean betty crocker has the best cakes? issit the brand of the pre-made cake mix?

  • Jessica

    Yup, the brand