“Animal” by Sam

…Because Social Suicide is fun we should laugh at ourselves once in awhile, here’s a hilarious video Sam made with random footage of me he’s taken over the past few months.

As stupid as I look in some of the scenes, I still love the video and how personal + funny you made it baby!

P.S – Dropping that chicken wing was one of the worst mistakes in my life.

  • Chantelle

    aw you guys are so sweet!!! should do more of the speech bubbles, it’s so hilarious!

  • Jessica

    LOL thank you :-[

  • Siah Shu Fen

    loved the vid! lol..so funny and sweet ^^

  • Jessica

    Hahaha I bet you loved the chicken wing part 8-)

  • Anonymous

    yeeeeeek what wouldnt i give to have a life like yours T___T

  • Jessica

    Well that’s much too flattering! Everyone has their ups and downs.. I just prefer blogging mainly about the good stuff, they’re more worth remembering :)

  • jam

    you look b e a u t i f u l on video. i think sam did a great job putting together those moments captured (he must adore you so much (: ) i really liked the segment on the hot air balloon, the two of you look so blissful and cute together. now i’m inspired to take videos on my holidays (i used to do a photo scrap book for each holiday but i think photos doesn’t capture the mood as well). would u mind sharing what video editing program he used, and if it’s simple enough for a new user like me? 

  • Jessica

    Thank you love!!! ♥ Sam will be pleased to know his video is well received :-P

    I love taking pictures and I think they do a fab job in expressing emotions, but yea, sometimes videos are entirely different and show memories much better.

    He used a program called Cyberlink PowerDirector, which is really easy to use! It’s about $40 USD, but completely worth it since there’s so many functions/features and idiot-proof, plus mega fun to play with! :)

  • C.

    The both of you really look wonderful together. It was a very funny and entertaining video! :)

  • Jessica

    :* Thx!!!!!!!

  • berlinda

    glad u removed the auto-play music on ur new layout! i had to mute my speakers whenever i entre ur site! :)

  • light

    What a sweet video!

  • Jessica

    Thank youuuu!

  • wales

    The chicken wing part made the whole video look real and beautiful.  It is the imperfection that made it beautiful,
    Enjoy the uo and downs of LOVE LIFE, it is how u enjoy your roller coster rides.