Hi!!! I’m sure you’ve noticed the new blog skin. I’ve spent more than 10 hours on it wtf. This is what happens when someone who can’t design a website to save her life attempts to.

I worked my nuts off for this! I love it!!!!!

I know it looks amateur but I like how it reflects my personality so well and I absolutely love drawing with crayons, hence the theme. I wanted to make it look like a scrapbook, but I didn’t wanna overdo it!

It’s simple and that’s how I wanna keep it… I mean isn’t it such a refreshing change from my old blog skin? Been meaning to change it and finally got around to doing it myself.

What do you think? I know I still have some coding problems with Internet Explorer (switch to Firefox, folks!! SO much better) and super small / wide screens, so if it looks weird / screwed up on your screen please tell me how okay!

And if you have any suggestions feel free to let me know ^.^

Meanwhile, I am going back to nursing myself… Am down with sore throat + cough + fever T_T

  • Siah Shu Fen

    nice! I love the spacious feel! I’m using firefox so no problems here :)

  • Jessica

    Cool!!!! 8-)

  • Lee Sa

    Oh I love your blog skin!!!! Did you use any specific programs to do this? My blog needs a major makeover as well! *DONT_KNOW*

  • Jessica

    Thanks!! :* I used Paint and Photoshop for the graphics.. mostly paint though, It’s amazing how many things one can do with it!

    I spent at least 6 hours on the coding and it drove me crazy. It’s really confusing for me. Glad I got it done though

  • Anonymous

    You could have chosen a better selection of pictures! Haha. It looks abit… porn-ish. :X Don’t get offended okay! :)  Overall, the blogskin is nice, so cheers! :*

  • Jessica

    HAHAHAH porn-ish wtf! How is it porn ish!!!!

  • Anonymous

    You look like you’re trying to show your boobs O.O! That’s why, pornish :X

  • Jessica

    I’m not trying to show off my boobs.. They’re just… there :X


    It’s awesome, really cute! :) I like the girlish feel of it!

  • Jessica

    Thank you!!!! Hehe so happy. :-[

  • onefourever

    i like ur new blogskin. very spacious feel

    How u do coding to do the new blogskin?where to learn?i wanna do revamping as well

  • Jessica

    Ty ^.^

    I worked my way from a basic layout, and changed it to my own style and liking. It’s hard to explain, but if you stare really hard at all the coding you’ll figure out what they mean sooner or later… I’m sure there are online tutorials.

  • xi

    nice !
    and take good care !

  • Jessica

    I will, thanks!

  • Dee

    Hi Jess, your layout is really gorgeous! It would be better if your blog posts has dates though. But that’s just a small matter, it’s still gorgeous! (:

  • Jessica

    Hello! Thank you!!! :-[ That’s a good point, it slipped my mind.. I’ll try to get the code and fix it tomorrow.

  • t

    your blog is way too pink for my liking but that being said, it totally is you and i think the use of white space is very refreshing! used to think your old skin was abit too cluttered. i don’t think your banner’s porn-ish at all hahaha, in fact those photos are very flattering don’t you think? stick with it babe! this may sound stalkerish but i mean it in the nicest way possible, been following your blog for quite awhile and i think it’s great that you’re so happy now and leading a fulfilling life! don’t be bothered by people saying that all you blog about is sam because the rest of us understand how he’s a huge part of your life now and he’s what makes you happy and that makes nice happy posts for us readers too! (:

  • Jessica

    :-[ Your comment really made my day, and I’m really fortunate to have readers like you. Thank you so much for being so incredibly sweet!!!

  • Lucia

    LOVE LOVE LOVE your new blogskin!!! <3
    Congrats on being able to figure out the coding, pretty impressive ;)

  • Anonymous

    Haha pornish as in showing your boobs. >.< Im sorry. Lol.

  • Jessica

    Thankies dear!!!! I totally LOVE LOVE LOVE it too :-P

  • Jessica