Fab swimming pics!!!

Swimming always gets me in a fab mood… and great for taking fab pics as well! :>

Lots of narcissistic shots because I was having a fab hair and make up day!

And yes, I just used the word fab three times in three sentences.

Getting ready to go downstairs for a dip in the pool.

First time wearing this bikini, totally it!! Anything with gold metal is win.

For the record.. I don’t usually wear make up to go swimming. We just came back home from lunch and I already had make up on.. noticed the weather was exceptionally beautiful so we just changed into our swim suits ^.^

Whenever he doesn’t get a hair cut on time, he always reminds me of dragonball!!!

I love the initial stage of getting into the pool… Where you use your feet to test the water and go like, “zomg it’s so cold!!!” but you get in anyway and it’s superrrr cold and the water’s tingling against your skin as you go in deeper and you can’t stop giggling / shrieking!!!

Then you cling onto your boyfriend for warmth..

Well, that’s how it is for me anyway :)

I know, I so need a new dye job… I was thinking of either keeping the same colour or going back to my black roots again!

And yes, I have the fattest hands you have ever seen, I know. I always find it ridiculous how unattractive and how unfeminine they are, LOL. They look like they belong to some 10 year old obese corpse.

Sam said the best part about Singapore (besides me of course) is that everyday in Singapore is a swimmable day…

It always feels SO good jumping into a pool on a hot, hot day. Best way to relax and freshen up at the same time.

I wanted to take an “artistic” shot so I told him to have half his head sticking out of the water. Rofl now he just looks dead

Waterproof cams are endless amounts of fun! I know I already have quite a few“swimming-related” posts recently (Aquatica). But you don’t get a waterproof cam for nothing!

Candid! Eheheh we look so silly

For someone who enjoys “swimming” as much as I do, I can’t swim to save my life. I still remember when I was dropped in the middle of the sea in Phuket, Thailand and I had to wait for someone to rescue me. I swear I would’ve drowned -_-


Ok, a barrage of my favouritest pics ever start NOW!!!!

HAHAHAH how cute is the boy in the background!!! So fat, like a pufferfish!

I just want to pick him up and poke his bloated face.

I am unfortunately tan again. Totally got sunburnt like hell at Batam!!! Even though it’s not all that far away from Singapore, I swear the sun there is different man. It roasts you like BBQ pork!!!

♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥

This is Sam’s “over the shoulder sultry look” HAHAHAHA

Wingardium Leviosa!!!

Best thing about being in the water is how weightless I feel. Almost as if all my troubles are washed away..


Sam’s version of an “artistic” shot. -_-

So act cool!! Why do guys like to act cool in front of the camera, when in real life they’re a big messy goofball?!??

Lolol yes that’s more like what he is in person. CRAZY!

LOL wtf

LOL WTF!!!!! Ugly but adorable. Don’t worry I still love you Sam.

Something about swimming always makes everyone tired. And we don’t even swim for real, we just splash around! It’s almost as if trying to breathe while your body is being submerged in water is enough to tire it out.


Last fab swimming pic for this post!!

Lol this is soooo candid, I don’t even remember posing for this!

Sam went back to Melbourne 2 nights ago, and here I am again, all alone in my room blogging about our good times. I miss him terribly!

I apologize for the super slow or non-existent posts whenever he’s around.. I know it’s quite ridiculous, considering he comes down every month which means I’d take a short hiatus every month but I’ve found a solution to fix that!

Next time before he come, I’ll blog more than usual but not publish those posts, to save it for when he’s around and I’m too busy to do anything else, then all I have to do is hit the “Publish” button! Ta-dah! ^.^

Blogging seems to require so much more effort nowadays then it used to. Perhaps I’m just losing the hang of it.

In the past, it used to come naturally.. I’d always know what to say, what to blog about, how to keep readers coming back for me.

But life for me has changed drastically since then, and with that, my priorities have changed as well.

I understand that my posts have become more irregular, possibly more mundane.. But there’s a fine line between blogging for others, and blogging for yourself. I try to stick to the latter, because I hate to become commercialized.

As such, I realized that readers with shorter attention span have lost interest and the main majority of my readers now are the die-hard loyals. So I wanna say thank you to my readers who have supported me throughout these years and all this time…. *sniff*

I will continue being the awesome that I am, and you just continue absorbing my awesomeness, ok.


LOL. You know you love me.

Anyhoo, imma try update more often!!! About what, I have no clue, possibly just about random stuff. Whatever goes.

Till next time, love.

  • ratrace

    i think sam is a pretty good looking guy. you guys are cute together.

  • Serena

    Cutest couple ever! :)  

  • Jessica

    Ehehehe thank you!!!

  • Jessica

    Awwww really? :*

  • Rose

    wooo lotsa clevage in this post haha

  • Jessica


  • Jam

    The ending to this post cracked me up :D You’re way awesome! I love your confidence and exuberance.

  • Jessica

    Heheehee :* Muah!

  • cher

    wheres ur bikini from!!(:

  • Jessica

    Victoria’s Secret ^.^

  • siying

    nice bikini and AWESOME layout!! u look cute in the 3pictures!!

  • Jessica

    Thankkiesssss ♥

  • Anonymous

    hey i cant go to “older posts”, u should have that fixed just in case i miss any posts.

    and also what kind of eyebrow make up do u use, pencil or powder? 

  • Jessica

    Yeah, that’s another coding problem I was gonna fix when.. I could find the code @_@

    I use eyebrow pencil. Isn’t it obvious? I almost have no brow hair, powder wouldn’t work.