SAM’S FIRST VIDEO!!! aka social suicide

Ok this is probably social suicide, lots of unglamorous moments but IMMA POST IT ANYWAYS cuz its funny as hell!

Sam decided to try his hand at video editing and this is the result:

BAHAHAHAHAHAA EFFING FUNNY SHIT!!!!!!!! I can’t stop laughing whenever I see it.

It’s just a bunch of random candid videos he took of me!

The pictures are supposed to match the lyrics lolol

Ok here’s to explain some of the video:

At 0:14 it says “I’m turning 17!” and it’s an inside joke because when we first met each other, he thought I was 18 and when I told him I was only 16 turning 17 he freaked out majorly… LOL

At 0:22 it shows him being on webcam with me, and it matches the lyrics because he was always there to comfort me whenever I was upset even though we’ve never met each other before

At 0:24 you see me dancing with a god damn killer whale (TILLY!) in my PJs in our hotel room in Orlando HHAAHHAHAAHAHAHAHAHA I didn’t know he was taking a video!!!

At 0:45 you see… BLOATED STOMACH FTW! After we ate at a buffet, we took pics of each others’ stomach to compare roflol I can’t believe he included that pic in the video omg! FYI, his stomach was MUCH bigger than mine okie!!!

At 0:58 you see my “broken smile”, as Maroon 5 sings. A supah ugly pic he took of me during class today WTF. So mean!! T_T

And that concludes his masterpiece. He says he will edit more.

Hopefully this time, it includes SOME flattering images of me…. Is it funny or is it funny?!

Goodbye, social image!!!