My Heart Will Go on… and on and on and onnnnnnnnn!!!!


Missed me?! I finally have time to myself now, Sam just flew back to Melbourne yesterday.

I’m lonely, but this way I get a LOT more things done!

Like just today, I went to school, completed an assignment I had no clue about and surprisingly still got got marked “Very Good”,

went home and packed up my entire room so it’s neater and completed an advertorial and now I am going to write a blog post, woohoo!

Packed my accessories so I can find them easier now. Temporarily held in cardboard boxes :P

I think it’s quite apparent I am a fan of gold, pearls and bling in general!

Yes I am in a good mood… How can I not be? It’s so freaking funny!!!!

You’ll know why later.

I have been terribly busy recently, in fact I really wish I could go to sleep now since my eyes are burning and it’s 3am but I feel so obligated to do a post after all that negligence so here I am!

I have so much to blog about, just not enough time!!!!

Here’s a few pics I took the past week..

Indian food is love.

Sam said that when he dies, he’ll probably get haunted by chickens because he’s eaten so many throughout his lifetime LOL

♥ ♥ Handsome baby!!!! ♥ ♥

Having lunch at Marche’s, he loves that place!!! I like the whole concept and feel too… and there’s just soooo much good food :)

We stuffed ourselves silly, as we always do.

Yup and he ate that whole chicken alone…

I didn’t really take a lot of pictures of myself since I feel super unattractive recently.

Gross, I’m almost like another one of those whiny, insecure girls.. I hope it’s just a passing phase!

I don’t know why I feel this way. It’s depressing!

I have a closet so full of clothes that even after throwing 10 bags worth of stuff away, it still doesn’t close properly cuz it’s overflowing

AND YET everytime I wanna pick out an outfit, I still feel like I always have nothing to wear!

It’s so ridiculous. I don’t think girls can ever have enough clothes, because if you have too little clothes then it sucks to be you but if you have a LOT of clothes, your clothes eventually will get lost in the enormous pile of your own clothes and it gets so hard to find stuff in your room!!!

Anyone else have this problem? Or am I just really self-destructive?

I’ve almost completely gave up on shopping because of this.

Ok, clothing aside, I think I just look really weird in general recently. I can’t tell whether it’s the hair, or the make up, or the bad fashion days…

Perhaps I’m just simply getting uglier T_____T

Nevertheless, because I am a narcissist albeit an increasingly unattractive narcissist, here is one photo of me that looks moderately decent-ish.

My eyes look huge.

Surprisingly. Maybe because I’m going like this O____O


And you know what else looks huge? My head. I wish Sam would stop leaning back in photos or stand behind me, because he always makes me look extra gigantic -_-

Now I’m quite convinced that it’s my hair that looks the weirdest.

It looks like crap when it’s styled, it looks like crap when it’s not styled and it takes sooo long to style it so I have this huge temptation to cut it all off.

Like a pixie crop!!!

Then I won’t have tangles like these anymore:

It kinda resembles a bird’s nest.

Ever since I started dying my hair to lighter colours, tangles have become really frequent and when I get lazy to get them out of my hair, the above picture is the result.

Needless to say wherever I went, people stared at my hair…

Oh and I’ve finally figured out how to tie a bun!

My hair isn’t that long, it’s really fine and soft (most of the time lol) so it’s quite impossible to get a full, nice looking bun but I succeeded eventually!!! Yay!

My hair colour looks so lush in flash on photos, but I’m starting to dislike how it looks in real life…

Maybe I’ll go for a dye job AND a hair cut :D


I’m super tired right now, so I’ll end this post soon but not until I finish the Grand Finale…

With our KTV session!!!

Party World at International Building is amazing!

They have a damn FOOT MASSAGER FOC for you to use while singing. Not a bad idea since the non-singers wouldn’t be so bored.

I’ve been there several times before but it never fails to wow me everytime.

When I think of how I used to go to KBOX I feel so stupid now. KBOX is stupidly expensive for what it’s worth, has lousy, smelly old rooms with torn couches, very limited songs and really bad sound systems!

Party World FTW!!!


Ok… the moment of truth is here.

……See the lyrics on screen?

Remember how I said I took a video of Sam singing “My Heart Will Go On” and I’ll upload it when he lets me?

Well, he hasn’t given me permission yet, in fact I haven’t really asked but I decided to upload it anyway coz IT IS SO FUNNY!!!!!

You have to love me for this!!!

Presenting to you, ladies and gentlemen, pure Karaoke gold :


Is it FUNNY or what?!? Omg I tried so hard to not crack up while I was shooting the video!

♥ He is so ADORABLE I swear!!!!!!

And he is so going to kill me when he sees this. YOU MUST KNOW I LOVE YOU, BABY!

I love how he attempts Celine Dion and then realizes he has no fookin idea what he’s doing hahahahaha