I has iPhone!!!!! Weeeee

Forgive me for the lack of updates!

You know how it is when Sam’s around…. It’s always food food food, shopping, and living the good life!

Hardly any time for myself, let alone blogging.

♥ ♥ ♥ Oh and thank youuuuu for all the super sweet comments on my “Never Good Enough” post! ♥ ♥ ♥

I’ll continue blogging about (hopefully) thought-provoking topics when Sam’s gone, but for now I am just toooo tired and sleep deprived, so I’m just going to spam random pics and vids, roar!!!

I wanted to post a fucking funny video of Sam singing “My Heart Will Go On” like a tone-deaf retard but he won’t let me!!! …. Yet.

It is pure gold I swear… I’m still working on convincing him.

…My next blog post will be about relationships. I think.

Or what else do you guys think I should blog about?

Yay for nicely styled hair

Sam thinks his blurry pics are artistic looking.

Been watching a lot of Gossip Girl lately, so my dress sense and hairstyles are totally inspired by Blair and Serena!

I was going for Blair’s hair

Swensens food kinda sucks but at least their desserts are sooo good!! Cookie summit + root beer float + apple crumble FTW!


Oh oh oh and guess what!!!!!!!


I was in class today, and my mum suddenly called me and asked me if I wanted a 32gb iphone.

I said yes (duh), and when I came home, I had a new phone in my hands!! Awesomely random or what?

Thanks Mummy!!!!!!

I love it! I’m only paranoid about damaging it now.. I’m usually really careless with my phones, that’s why I insist on laoya ones!

Like the LG Ice Cream, ultimate bimbo phone.

Got my fab nails done at Milly’s

Byebye pretty pink phone!!! :(

I’ll miss you and your chio-ness. The iphone looks so boring, especially when pretty much EVERYBODY has one.

People asked me why I didn’t get Blackberry instead. Whatever for?!

A BB is no different from any other smart phone. It’s just a “branded phone” for the “cool kids” which is bullshit. A phone is a phone, idiots. The keypad so stupidly small also. For ants to type on issit?

The only reason why I wanted an iphone is cuz they have so many random apps, great for curing boredom!

Thousands of apps and games and other stuff, here I come!!!!!

Can someone recommend fun / useful apps and games? Thanks lots!

Ok byebye for now!

Here’s a random, and completely unnecessary vid of us hahaha


Nom nom nom. I ate so much that I almost threw up. SELF-CONTROL, JESSICA!!!

And yep, Sam really had a whole chicken to himself. And LOTS more.

And yes that’s me singing Little Mermaid at the end of the video hahaha we bought the DVD and watched it the night before and “Part Of Your World” was stuck in my head for a long time!!!