SCDF – Central Fire Station visit

As part of the SCDF blogging campaign, I had the opportunity to visit Central Fire Station awhile ago.

I was pretty excited because I’ve never been to a Fire Station before.. Then again, I’d imagine not many people have. When left with free time on a Saturday, few of us would think of visiting a fire station but that would soon change!

This is a shout-out to let people know that our local Fire Stations have Open House every Saturday morning, with free admission for everyone so bring your family, friends and lovers there!

The one I visited was Central Fire Station and all Fire Stations have Open House except Jurong Island.

“The red and white Central Fire Station, completed in 1908 (and still in use), has a watchtower and living quarters for firemen. On Saturday mornings kids can ride on an engine and take pictures with the Red Rhinos (a smaller version of the fire truck) and the firemen. Then head next door to the Civil Defence Heritage Gallery (open 10am-5pm Tue-Sun), a mini fire-fighting museum housing old trucks and equipment, plus interactive games and activities on the second level.”

62 Hill Street

Nearby Stations: City Hall or Clarke Quay
Open Sat 9am-11am

It’s like going behind-the-scenes of a movie : A great opportunity to see, touch, experience things you’ve always been curious about but never had the chance to..
Such as getting to use the very same equipment that firefighters use to put out real fire

Or finding out what really lies on the inside of an ambulance that enables paramedics to save lives.

Upon entering Central Fire Station several weekends ago, I first noticed that it was quite packed with curious and excited families even though the weather wasn’t that great (drizzling)

I wondered where these people got the information of fire stations being open for Open House from.. I never knew it was open and if I knew earlier, I’d visit sooner!

The highlight of my visit there was actually getting to meet the people that keep our country, Singapore, safe.
In times of tragedy, these are our everyday heroes who will rush to help those in need when everyone else only helps themselves. We were invited to sit down in their office where we had a friendly chat with LTA Foo and another paramedic about what it’s like doing their jobs, plus the different difficulties and rewards that come along with it. I found the talk quite enlightening and loved how these men were so down-to-earth about what they do.

When asked why they chose their current profession, both had the same answer.

They felt like this was their calling in life. They couldn’t imagine themselves having a mundane and “meaningless” 9 to 5 office job. They wanted to be out there, in the middle of the action… To be saving people. LTA Foo mentioned he likes how when the alarm goes off for a new mission, it gets his adrenaline pumping and he feels like this is what he was meant to do.

Which made me wonder…
What is my calling in life? What was I meant to do?
Have you figured out what you want to do with your life yet?

If you are a thrill-seeker, or selfless and courageous enough to imagine yourself having a profession that focuses on protecting the people of your country, is a link you’d be interested in.

According to them, it is not required for you to have similar / related background working experience or certificates as they will train you to become qualified enough. So click on the above link to find out more about how you can join SCDF, the opportunities it offers, and whether it’s suitable for you. After our talk, LTA Foo brought us on a special tour around Central Fire Station where we got to exclusively experience many things first-hand.

Firstly, we step inside an ambulance to see what it has in store!

If you visit their Open House on Saturdays, they’ll be glad to show you around too~

Yes, bloggers really do take photos of EVERYTHING.

Him showing me the contents of his life-saving bag

If my memory does not fail me, that’s meant to be for fractured legs.. correct me if I’m wrong :P

That’s the thingy that hooks up to the person… I think it contains oxygen? (but don’t take me seriously, I failed my secondary school chemistry) Gah for the life of me I cannot remember jack, but then again it HAS been about a month since my visit and I’ve had 3 weeks of eventful holidays.. If only Sam was here, my genius medical scientist of a boyfriend would know! He knows everything… like REALLY. Science-related at least.

I ask him lots of random questions, like “When do you think the world would end?? Do you think there are aliens?” LOL.

Okok I definitely know this one!!! This helps you breathe properly! Yay 10 points for me.

Oooh! And this is what they call “miracle water”, because apparently it revives unconscious people due to its sugar content.. See, sugar is good for you afterall!! Don’t listen to your ma! :P

Next, we get to try out badass water guns!!! Not the ones you play with in your swimming pools, the ones that are going to save your life if you are ever unfortunately caught in a fire.

This misty-looking gun, I THINK, clears the path for the firefighters to enter a building on fire… For smaller fires and to lower the temperature for them to walk in. I THINK ONLY AH, don’t quote me on this lolol.

“Ok here’s so how you do it ah… Very easy one ok just press here….”

“Uh…. K.. Am I doing it right?? Why is nothing coming out of the nozzle?? Anyway *poses for picture*”

The crowd wants their turn too!!

Looks easy eh? Even a xiao di di can manage..

…WRONG. This nozzle is really hard to manage, its appearance is deceiving for I was told it requires two firefighters to actually hold one side each!
It is really powerful and quite heavy.

It can turn into the spray form to cover wide distances, or it can be like what you see above, solid and powerful reaching heights of up to 13 storeys!! Impressive huh. Not what you’d expect from something that small..

But nothing I cannot handle!!! BWAHAHAHAHA!!!

I don’t know what I was laughing at to cause that =DDDD expression… In front of me is just a stream of water in the air and some plants. I must be easily amused.

Ok I know it’s not very convincing when I say it’s hard to manage and someone like me looks like she is managing it so easy hahaha he is actually holding the end of the nozzle but you cannot see!

Next we check out some of their fancy equipment.

“Eh are you taking pictures of me??”

I believe this is called a Rhino!

The ever-popular and significant Fire Engine Truck

LTA Foo calls this the “heart of the truck”, this part powers the rest of the truck

Listening to LTA Foo explain the different parts of the truck.. made me feel like I was in school again :P
Hence the sleepy eyes rofl

Hmmm what are they doing?

Trying to take a picture of me on their heat-detection device!!!

This device is used when the smoke is too thick to see anything, and with this they can spot humans even through thick smoke and walls!

Me sitting in the front seats of a fire engine!

I was told when the alarm goes off, they don’t have time to change at all, they have to assemble and leave within 1 minute which explains why they have the sliding pole.. stairs take too long! And they change into their firefighting suits in the truck. In times of emergency, time is the most valuable thing…
Speaking of poles, check this out!!

Not only do they save lives, they do elegant acrobatic poses too :P

LOL @ the one on top, he looks abit confused! Kindly instructed by LTA Foo!! Neat huh, I’ve always wanted to try sliding down one of those poles, it looks so stylish and cool!!!… Didn’t think they’d let me though hahaha would probably die or break my legs.
It’s certainly not as easy as it looks.

Next he showed us…

Compressed air tanks!!! When fighting fire, they have to carry this, which I think is around 13kg, plus other equipment which amounts to alot of extra weight on them…
Then he said, “Wanna try it on?” to which I replied, “Sure!”

Look ma!!! I has a new backpack!!!

But then I realized THIS was what he meant:

LOL watchu doing to meeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!

Darth Vader much!!! Win!!! I’ve always wanted to try on one of these.
I remember LTA Foo kept saying, “BREATHE!!! BREATHE!!” because I think I looked like I had trouble breathing LOL.

The firefighters really have it tough man.. Gotta applaud them for what they do.

And finally, we get onto the crane thingy which allows them to reach victims stuck in high levels when stairways have been blocked!

Snap a quick picture :

And we’re off!

After being on the Stratosphere in Las Vegas more than 100 storeys high, heights don’t really scare me now… Alas, halfway up it started to rain so we couldn’t go really high on the elevator thingy :( Such a pity! It was gonna be the fun part! Rain rain go away..

But all is not lost, I still enjoyed myself and learned many new things from my Fire Station visit. It was definitely an eye-opener.. Thank you LTA Foo for the tour and for the whole experience!!! If you’d like to experience these things for yourself too, head on over to your nearest fire station for their Open House every Saturday from 9am to 11am! It’s an experience like no other. Bring the kids, they’d be most excited :)

Even I had fun, and it will be interesting for the whole family.

To end off this post, here are some pictures of me in Senior Officer gear…
This is so going to THE collection.



Holding non-existent hose while battling imaginary inferno LOL

HAHAHAHA… When I was doing all these wtf poses, there were several firefighters in the office just staring at me awkwardly. Yet LTA Foo didn’t seem to bother at all, in fact he kept encouraging me to take many different photos in creative manners! What a man.

Check out the cute little souvenir he gave me, it’s actually a handphone pouch!! ^.^
Now that we all know a little bit more about firefighters and what they do for us, I hope this helps everyone reading this appreciate them better :)

I’m really thankful to be part of this SCDF campaign. Who knew that visiting a Fire Station could be that fun?

An experience to remember.