Chinese New Year 2010

Has it really been a year?

Seems like not so long ago, I was blogging about Chinese New Year 2009.

Sam and I just finished watching Lilo & Stitch - God I love that show. Always makes me smile, laugh, think and cry.

I still remember being 10 and begging my Dad to buy me a Stitch soft toy when we were in Disneyland. The moment I got it, I never put it down.

One of my favourite Disney movies of all time, and watching it again I was reminded of scenes and quotes that found its way deep into my heart since I was a little girl.

“Ohana means family, family means nobody gets left behind. Or forgotten.” - Lilo, Nani, Stitch

My cousin Caris is back from studying @ London!

Glad to have you part of the celebration ♥

Nothing says reunion dinner like home cooked food you grew up eating

He ain’t heavy.. he’s my noob brother

As much as I’m westernized, I still appreciate being part of cultural tradition sometimes.. Some of it ain’t so bad. I give oranges, in return I get money in blessed red packets. Seems like a fair exchange for my time :P

Kueh bangkit is my weakness! And why are people so hooked onto the TV during CNY visiting? All that’s ever on is cheesy, low budget boring chinese dramas

What did I say about Sam not being the best photographer you’d ever meet?

My female cousins… or at least 3 of them. 3 more missing. I wonder if Linda was still around, would she be standing next to us?

Chio bus!!! Hehehehe

Me and my mummy

Compare with last year’s CNY pic!!!

Welcome to the family :)

I bought his traditional Chinese outfit for him!!! I reckon it looks good on him

Hai Granny!

Played Poker. Sucked at it. Lost $10

Damn we look good together. I’m gonna print this one for the album!


‘Til next year.

“This is my family. It’s little, and broken, but still good. Yeah, still good.” - Stitch