Video: Going down water slide in Aquatica


It is THE BEST theme park in the world because it has everything. And by everything I mean they have freaking killer whales omfgomfgomfg

I love Orcas so much it’s illegal!!!!

I have never been so obssessed with any other animal… Why can’t I be normal like everyone else and like dogs instead of being in love with the top predator of the ocean aka killer whales???

More rants about my love for Orcas in the future, I’m going shopping now yay!!! BIG SALES PLZ!

Video of us going down a slide in

Sea World’s water theme park,

Despite its harmless appearance, we were actually going down the slide veryyyy fast and had really sharp turns!

The weather was so good on that day but it’s a FREEZING 3 degrees now!!! And I’m running out of clothes to wear wtf!!

And did I mention I’m sick??? :(

I have sore throat + sinus problems + slightly feverish + I scalded myself yesterday in the shower wtf mad stupid I know. So poor thing.

Because of this and super cold weather we didn’t get to go to Universal Studios today T____T

So tragic FML but we’re going tmr anyways.

My last few days left in Orlando, I am SO GOING TO MISS THIS PLACE!!!!