Video: First person view of us PARASAILING!

After wanting to do it for a very long time, I finally tried parasailing….

and it was one of the most amazing things I’ve ever done.

It was surprisingly smooth, not scary at all (I’m not a fan of heights) and extremely breath-taking.

We were Parasailing in Orlando, Florida over Disney’s Seven Seas Lagoon @ their contemporary resort and you can see Magic Kingdom in the distance!

We were flying higher than the hotels.. I think about 650 feet in the air.

Pause at 1:38 to see me and Sam attached to a harness and a parachute together! :P

What an experience, I hope to do it on the sea next time. SO going to do it at Bali, we’re planning a trip there soon!!!!

Yay for traveling.. I want to tour the world.

Extremely jet lagged right now and have tons and tons of photos / videos to edit and upload.. I know I haven’t been posting proper blog entries in awhile, give me time.. So much to do!!!