The Cathay Advertorial

Hi! Guess where I’m going? ^.^

Hint: It has all my favourite things - shopping, a movie theater, good restaurants, and a LAN shop amongst other various kinda of shops!

Now, when one thinks of such a mall, The Cathay probably wouldn’t come to mind but I’m writing this post today to show people that The Cathay is more than just a place to watch movies!

Despite its obvious name, The Cathay offers more than just its recognizable cinema. It also offers other entertainment options such as retail shops, grooming parlours, restaurants to dine at and the list goes on!

There’s plenty of things to do here for everyone~ Yesterday I was walking around the mall with Gwen, and I spotted…

For all your gaming / geeky desires :P
I’d totally play L4D with my friends or Sam here.. Group gaming is uber fun! Some friends may not be able to have L4D at home, or any other game, so sometimes LAN gaming is the only way you can play in groups together! ^.^

Check out the amount of people! I actually find it quite appealing to have people watch me play L4D from behind so I can flaunt my skills BWAHAHAH I do think I am quite good at the game.

…..And did I mention shopping??

Amongst their many various shops, this particular one caught my eye:

For girls who haven’t got a clue what to get their men on Valentine’s Day, I may have your answer right here!

This shop knows “WHAT HE WANTS.”

All packed in cute baby blue heart-shaped boxes ready for you to take home!
No need to hunt around huge departmental stores searching for exclusive men items when you can find it all in one shop here.

“Cologne for you, Sir?”

And finally after a day of fun, what I like to do best is…

Proceed to indulge, in one of my favourite restaurants - Billy Bombers!

For those who have never dined here before, it’s a classic American Diner themed restaurant which plays the loveliest oldies songs! Everytime I step into this place, I can’t help but to break into song cuz I’m such an oldies junkie ^.^

I dined at an authentic, classic Diner in America and was surprised to find that diners really do look like that in the States! Like 99% similar. The shiny red seats, metal glowing signs and all that jazz.

And of course, an American-themed diner would serve all-time American favourites such as chunky fries and burgers!

American-sized portions, LOL check out how big my fav drink is! Great for gluttons like me :P

My Philly Cheeste Steak sub!!! Nom nom nom ^.^ I LOVE their potato salad!! It’s the best I’ve ever had.
And that concludes my ideal fun day @ The Cathay! What kind of activities would YOU do there?

To enhance your experience, check out to find out about their latest news, promotions and the most useful part – Store Directory! If only every mall had a website, so I could check it out before heading on over and decide whether the shops interest me or not.

You may also join their mailing list which can be found in the website, or their Facebook fan page at to receive latest news about events, promotions, giveaways etc!

The Cathay – possibly another trendy mall to be added into your “Hang Out Places” list ;)