Samsung Corby Advertorial

Psssst! I was just informed about a neat application on Facebook that gives you a chance to win a Samsung Corby phone!
If you don’t already know about it, I’m gonna share with you how the whole thing works.

Firstly, if you have no idea what a Samsung Corby phone is, behold!!!

This Samsung Corby is a full touch screen phone, with its design, functions and price specially targeted towards youths like me and you!

Here’s how you can win TEN of these for you and your friends:
Samsung has come up with this cool new application on Facebook called “The Longest Yarn”


And there’s only 5 simple steps to follow to participate in all the fun~

  1. Register your Samsung Fun Club details.
  2. Follow the link to add the Facebook® app.
  3. Start a story thread and begin posting.
  4. Invite your friends to add to the story.
  5. Continue where your friends left off,
    and vice versa.

Sounds simple enough eh?
Here’s the yarn/story that I just started :

And the rest of the story is for ANYONE to continue! It sounds spookish now, but who knows how the story will turn out later?

A horror story could turn into a comedy romance one, the possibilities are endless and left up to Facebook users to decide :)

  1. Get more friends to participate.
  2. Post story developments frequently.
  3. Keep the story interesting.
  4. Check the leaderboard often to see
    how your story ranks up.

Of course the key to this application and contest is to spin the longest yarn possible, meaning trying to be the group that contributes to the longest story! And to achieve this, you must invite as many friends to join you as possible.

The best part I have yet to mention – the storytellers in the longest yarn will stand a chance to win 1 Samsung Corby phone, but 10 Samsung Corby phones!!!

You can post more than once in the yarn, so keep those updates frequent and interesting to win one of these bad boys:

What I like best about it is that it’s possibly the most affordable touch screen phone you’ll ever come across, very pocket-friendly for youths who haven’t started earning big bucks yet.

With a single touch, you can easily access Facebook, Twitter, and MySpace -

There’s not only the touch screen one up for grabs, there’s a Qwerty keyboard version too!

I was given 2 Corby phones to play with, and they’re really REALLY easy to use, so it’s not alien for non-touch-screen-phone-users like me :)

Taking a picture of my room with the Corby!

Playing games with the touch screen method is uber fun!! My fav game in the style of Bejeweled.
It comes in Yellow, White, and Cupid Pink is my favourite!!!

So watcha waiting around for?

Click here to start spinning your own longest yarn and stand a chance to win 10 Corby phones for you and your friends!