FWAH I am so happy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Sam bought me a new computer yesterday!!

It runs on Windows 7, I didn’t even know that existed, I thought Windows Vista was the newest. Damn futuristic plz, the last time I had a computer it was running only on XP.

Main reason is because he tried playing L4D on my laptop and he said it was so bad, he doesn’t know how I manage it. And yeah, my laptop always overheats / crashes, so he thinks my Sony Vaio is a piece of shit, lol.

So now, I’m blogging on my new computer, with a few parts handed down from my brother and his friends, THANK YOU JER, EPPY & JAMIE & co for helping us out with the computer!!

And if you’re reading this baby, thank you thank you thank you I love it!!!!!!!

I am soooo happy and excited, we went to get me some awesome speakers today, and now I’m blasting music from my very sexy Creative speakers, my room feels like a club!

Love the “boom” from the boombox, whatever that big box is la hahaha.

It “booms” so loudly that I feel gushes of air from it everytime it “booms” wtf.

I swear music sounds soooo different when you play it from crappy speakers & high quality songs, they sound like a whole new song altogether!!! (most of this I have already raved about on my twitter)

And my screen is so big, I actually have to tilt my head up and down to look at the top / bottom of the screen wtf. Everything’s so much bigger and detailed, plus the sound effects, when I play L4D I actually get scared now because I feel like the zombies are in my face lol wtf.


Yes yes I can’t stop ravinggggggggggggg because I am just that delirious! If you’ve lived with the crappiness of a laptop for a long time, you’d know why too!

I’ll still use my laptop, probably a lot less because why the fuck would I want to when I got this baby! I’ll use my lappy when I want to surf the net in bed I guess, can’t be arsed to bring it out…

SEE YA ALL! There is so much to do!

I’m going to play L4D till my brain explodes, and I wanna watch Gossip Girl full screen high quality mode, I wanna blast music all night long…

I’m one muthafuking happy girl!!!!!

Will update with pictures soon, I just sent Sam off to the airport just now… sucks that he’s gone, I’ll miss him but how can I be upset when I have this massive black toy sitting on my desk right now?!?!


Oh yea I forgot to include this!!


We’re going to Orlando, Florida for Christmas and New Year’s!!! FUCK YEAH!!!!

Disneyland, here I come baby!!