i miss you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Cuddly Creature One misses her Cuddly Two..

Shiberty cookies and milk misses DaNang cupcakes and tea!!!!!!!!!!!


Just as I was typing this post, I received a text saying,

“MUUUUUUUUUUUUAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHH!!!! I love you that much, soooooooooo much it has no beginning or an end, it is infinite, it is everything, it is me, cupcakes and tea.”

GAHHHHHHHHH kthx now I miss him 10x more!!!


It’s freaking 3am and I haven’t showered all day how gross :P

But with good reason! I’ve spent the first half of my day playing L4D with my L4D husband, then the second half talking to University representatives and it seems like I’m going to take my advanced diploma @ Monash University, then take my degree @ University of Melbourne.


Then then then, I spent the last 5 hours researching and deciding on which hotel to stay @ Orlando with my baby, and FINALLY we’ve decided on not one hotel, but two!

There’s just too many good hotels to pick from, so we thought, why limit ourselves to one?!?!

Totally ingenious idea contributed by Sam, I wouldn’t have thought of staying at 2 hotels otherwise ;)

We’re gonna be there for 19 nights!!!!!

And I thought the previous time I stayed at Las Vegas for 2 weeks was long enough already.

Buttttt I’m going with my baby boy this time, so the fun will be endless!

We’ve decided on…

Westgate Lakes Resort & Spa

Because Sam likes the jacuzzi!

And the fact that it’s equipped with a kitchen so we can whip up home-cooked meals for each other :) …even if it just came out from a microwave lol!

And I like the fact that..

It has nice scenery and gardens for us to take slow morning walks!

And here comes my fav part!!!

“The resort includes two tennis courts, two sand volleyball courts, jogging/walking paths, a basketball court, and a miniature golf course. Rentals include boats, canoes, and kayaks for the lake and adult’s, children’s, and surrey bicycles.”

We’ll be there for 20 days, so whenever we get sick of all the theme parks and exciting stuff, we can stay in and do slow-paced stuff like just renting a boat and sail around aimlessly the whole day at the comfort of our hotel :)


The second one is Hyatt Regency Grand Cypress

It sits on a little beach area too, with another private lake Windsong!!! How fab!!!!

Obviously more water sports and scenery :)

And both hotels are located super close to Walt Disney World + all the other stuff!



I know, I just know it will be the best time of my life so far! Even though it hasn’t happened yet :P


Ohhh god why is it only October now? December, come quickly!!! This will be, by far my best Christmas present ever :)

We’ve decided on the hotels today, gonna start booking attractions tomorrow. CANNOT. EFFING. WAIT.


I wanna live in Orlando :(

ANYWAY proper update soon-ish, madly busy, advertorials to post, project deadlines to rush, study for exam coz school’s out in a week..

But all I can think of is L4D and Orlando and Sam -.-

Oh, and I don’t have anything to wear for the Nuffnang Blog Awards.. gg.