Singtel Broadband On Mobile Advertorial 2

People ask me how I’ve been coping with the new long-distance relationship so far…

And one of the most common questions I get is, “So how expensive is your phone bill nowadays?” Apparently, these ding dongs think that I’d spend an exorbitant amount of money on overseas calls! No wayyy. The last time I went to Vegas, I called back home everyday, and when my phone bill came I had to fork out $1k+ just for the overseas calls alone!!!!

I’ve learned my lesson and am much more wary. So what do I do now?

BroadBand on Mobile Youth Plan solves my troubles and worries!

“Live Life Online, Stay Connected”
It allows me to have internet access anywhere, anytime~

Meaning I could talk to Sam online whenever I want!!! No need for crazy phone bills, yay :)
Extremely useful for hardcore internet addicts or people with long-distance relationships like me, don’t cha think?

The great thing is that this plan allows you to surf the net freely using your mobile AND your laptop by simply slotting your data sim card into the modem and connect it to your laptop, which will be given to you when you sign up for this plan.

This way, you can use one plan for both your mobile phone AND laptop broadband connection! For the price of only one. Sometimes using our phones to surf the net can be tedious and inconvenient, especially when you need Flash players to view the web pages.. like when you need to book movie tics online.
And even if we brought our laptops out, we wouldn’t be able to access internet freely… this will be a problem no more with Singtel’s Broadband on Mobile Youth Plan.

Now we can surf freely on our mobiles AND laptops! Gone were the days of hunting for free wifi spots, or putting up with laggy connections…

And the possiblities are endless - Bored in school? Call your friend for a chit-chat, absolutely free! Or if texting is your kind of thing, that works as well, since you’ve got unlimited free SMS. If chatting with friends isn’t enough, surf the web from your mobile… or take it up a step further like me and play L4D / Maplestory on your laptop while your lecturer babbles on.


But don’t need to learn from me ok. You can scratch the classroom scenario and imagine yourself playing L4D on the beach in Sentosa also can. On the toilet bowl at home also can.

Additional benefits –

Not bounded by school firewall!
Some schools have implemented firewalls so as to prevent you from accessing certain sites… what type of sites, you know I know we don’t need to say, but hey at least with this plan you can have all the freedom to surf the net any way you want!

I leave the rest up to your imagination. Ooooh and one last thing I have to mention!
You stand a chance to win Formula One tickets worth $596 each. 4 pairs to be won!!!! Exciting yes?!?

But first you gotta sign up for this awesome plan to enjoy the benefits!
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