Lethal combination

He makes you laugh, and he makes you cry

Nothing like a guy who makes you laugh and forget your troubles… or a guy that makes you laugh who is sometimes also the cause of your troubles

He’s there for you when nobody else was, but he’s not there when everyone else is

Just when you thought nobody gave two hoots about you, he surprises you by caring more than the people around you… but when you already have everyone’s attention, somehow he’s just not there like everyone else

He makes you feel special, and then you feel like you’re not good enough

When you feel like the most amazing girl in the world just because he said so.. and when his opinion is so significant, it turns what was once self-confidence into self-doubt because you wonder if you’re good enough for him

He spends a lot of time with you, then disappears

Because nothing like absence makes the heart fonder or wonder what it really means to you

He talks about something completely serious, in a joking manner

Or vice versa.. You never know when he’s for real or not, and you play mind games with yourself, wondering what he’s really trying to say.. decrypting hidden messages

He praises you, then points out your flaws

A compliment means so much more when it’s from someone who is used to pointing out flaws instead of someone who is used to singing praises




And the thing that hurts the most is

It feels like he’s so near, and yet he’s so far away….