Happy days

I think I’m on a roll with happy days!

Definitely a good reason to blog, right?

Why am I happy? Because… I can’t find anything quite wrong with life right now.

I’m spending quality time with alot of friends recently, I’m coping with my exams fine (although I shouldn’t speak too soon cuz ECONS paper tmr!), I’ve been having a lot of my fav food and yet surprisingly people have told me that I’ve lost some weight even though I haven’t been trying to lose weight although I’ve wanted to! HAPPY!

I also have chio chio nails now and I don’t know about you but looking at pretty nails always lifts my mood.

Something about sparkly things always attract my attention hehehe.

I absolutely LOVE going to Milly’s because I know I’ll always leave her shop being a happier person!

I had blooooooooood red nails last week!

I loveeeeddddd my red nails because they were shimmery and not too dark / too bright red and they were super smexy but alot of people commented that only older women have red nails so yeah.

Decided to change to something cheery and less matured looking instead..

And after looking at Milly’s wide range of nail colours, I decided on a GORGEOUS shade of Aquamarine!

Wooooooot! How gorgeous are my nails huh huh huh huh?

So bling and now my nails remind me of mermaids and blue seas and beach resorts! Aquamarine.. what an apt name for a colour :)

I never liked the colour blue very much but the more I look at my nails the more I adore how fresh and unique they look! I wanted to go for pink, but hey, every other girl has pink nails and I shouldn’t be too predictable all the time.

Pretty matching mani pedi! Yes I know my feet looks gross, but I don’t know how anyone’s feet can be be appealing so yeah…

The thing I love most about manicures is how they clean off your ugly and chipped old nail polish, buff your nails to perfection then apply new colour and create nail art in front of your very eyes!!!

Seeing my manicurist create the pretty flowers with a paint brush and some water and some powder thingy was quite amazing. Every bit of my nails are so amazingly detailed… I felt like I was bringing little pieces of art back home on my nails!

Ain’t called nail art for nothing!

Hahaha ok I shall stop going on & on about my nails! Last pic of it before I shut up… Like I said, when you’re happy, very average things bring you immense satisfaction ;)

Oh yeah, Chloe got her nails done @ Milly’s too! Check them out:

If you’re interested in Milly’s nail services, get more info @ www.milly-s.blogspot.com or visit her at

Far East Plaza #03-129

I really can’t stress how much I heart Milly & the services she sponsors me!!!

Love her nails services, massage services @ Sabai Jai, hair extensions services, eyelash extensions services and what not!

If you think she couldn’t come up with anymore treatments to pamper a girl then you’re wrong~

Milly’s now introduces Facials!

Check out below for more information:

I haven’t tried it out yet, but when I do I will blog about it and let you girls know how it’s like.

Me & Chloe wanted to go for a massage @ Sabai Jai just now but they were too busy and were fully booked for the rest of the night! BOOOO. I want their thai massage sooo badly I feel like my muscles aching like an old woman.



Alrighty, that aside…

More pictures of things that make me happy!


And what other food would I love to death besides indian food? Don’t worry, I will love you forever!

I’ve been having so much indian food it’s RIDICULOUS. I had the exact same dishes you see in the photo above just now. I think I’ve been to the same restaurant for four times in the past week.

Their butter chicken is…. ……

Well let’s just say good enough for me to cheat on my Lucky Plaza outlet for this one!

It’s on the fifth floor of Far East Plaza, red signboard that says North Indian Restaurant. Not so cheap but definitely worth the money! Must-try for indian foodies like me :)

My equations for that day:

Indian food = Happy Jessica

Indian food + Fidelis = Very happy Jessica

Indian food + Fidelis + Harry Potter & The Half Blood Prince = Supposedly ELATED Jessica but nopeeee..

(“v”)!!! Love for blazers and awesome girlfriends.

We were both soooo disappointed with the movie! We entered the cinema excited like retards and left the cinema disappointed like retards cuz we were sulking everywhere we went -___-

One look at her expression and you’ll know it :P






And of course…

What would I do without these people as well?


Mad rushed taken with self-timer while they were accompanying me to wait for me mother to pick me home just now, hence the funny angle

Missed their nonsense and cuteness during the 2 weeks break…

Lucky me had a good dose of it just now!


Omg Chloe’s hair looks damn long and my chin also looks damn long like a goblin! But I really CBF to photoshop photos these days so yea.

Oh and about the shirt I’m wearing…


I bought this tee from F21 like 2 years ago or something and I’ve only worn it now!!!! Look it still had the price tag on!

Shows how long I was attached for. Meh.

I like wearing statement tees, you walk around Orchard Road and get a lot of different & funny responses & weird looks from people.

While I was walking out of my exam room just now, there was this group of indian guys going “Oooh, call me! Eh, never write your number! Give me your number I call you la!” in their funny indian accent HAHAHA.

Does j00 lyk mai g33k necklace???@@@@

Yuppppppppppppppp ok that’s all for today.

I feel like going to sleep but I think I’m going to hang around online for awhile. I DESPERATELY wanna talk to Sam!!!!@#%@^#%**

I’m sorrryyyyy I came home late, boo hoo hoo.