Doesn’t come by easily or as often anymore these days.

But today, I was truly, genuinely happy.

I woke up with a big silly grin on my face that I absolutely couldn’t wipe off, from when I was at home and until the time I walked into class to take my exam.

Even when I was furiously scribbling away, I couldn’t help but stop and smile to myself every once in awhile.

It never hit me harder what difference a little happiness can make in life.

All of a sudden..

I laughed heartily at every little thing that was remotely amusing, and when things kinda went wrong I would simply shrug it off.

I wasn’t bothered by the fact that I was about to sit for an exam I didn’t study much for, I couldn’t even say I was stressed at the very least.

I sang sad songs as though they were happy songs in the car.

I smiled at as many strangers as I could (without looking too much like a psycho)

Even Singapore’s weather wasn’t unbearable anymore, instead I loved the warm golden rays shining down on me.

Normal, average things brought me so much satisfaction.

As cliche as it sounds, everything was strangely beautiful.

Nothing, almost nothing could bring me down at that moment in time.

I felt like I could take on anything that life throws at me.

Whoever knew happiness could be so empowering?

I realized that no amount of convincing yourself that you are happy will do the trick.

You don’t decide to be happy, when you ARE happy you will DEFINITELY know it.

Otherwise, you’re just being an optimistic person.


A little goes a long way.

All this, because of you…

You make such a difference that you don’t even know.

Thank you for making me so happy.

Even if it may be just for today. And for everything else we’ve had…

It means so much.