Half Blood Prince Movie sucked


I don’t understand how any Harry Potter fan can watch the movie and not feel utterly disappointed!

And I don’t mean the idiots who only watch the movies and proclaim themselves as fans. DON’T even talk about being a fan of HP if you’ve never read the book you effing retard! You have no idea what you are talking about.

I was looking forward to HBP, especially after hearing good stuff about it from other people but I have NOTHING positive to say about it now that I’ve watched it.

Maybe that Hermione / Emma is really pretty now?

The bloody movie was so damn abstract that even I was confused sometimes. Don’t you just hate how they jump scenes randomly?

Like they can’t even tell a story properly, and no proper fighting action at ALL!

Take for example the part where Bellatrix & Death Eater gang appeared at Wesleys house and created a fire crop circle thing and chased them around…

How come I don’t remember that part at all? Can someone englighten me and point out which chapter it was from?

And is that scene supposed to be EXCITING?

Just wizards running around in a field, in the end the Death Eaters also didn’t harm or take any of them, only burn their house down and disappeared. WTF? Was that scene necessary?

Or what about the Death Eaters wreacking havoc in muggle world, fucking up the bridge and all?


Also, I REALLY REALLY HATED the stupid lovey dovey parts!!!

Honestly, who the fuck wants to watch Ron and some random chick snogging?

I’d rather watch Ron & Hermione get together and in the end nothing much happened between them also! Just flirting, sort of, WTF?

I wanted to see more members of the Order!!

I wanted to see more of Ron & Hermione doing something, they seemed more like “extras” in the movie!

You know what’s fucked up? There was probably more time focused on Ron & Desperate Chick snogging than focusing on Dumbledore’s death.

It was as though Dumbledore’s death was only slightly tragic? I think even Sirius’ death was more dramatic.

After dumbledore’s death, everybody was so strangely calm and how come no questions were asked at all?

The Death Eaters were supposed to cause a massive scene!

WTF I am so confused by the movie that I can’t even think properly.

The new dumbledore is so damn annoying. The way he behaves and talks is NOT KIND AND WISE like the old dumbledore used to be!!!!

You thought POA or GOF was bad?

At least GOF had really good action, with the tournament and Victor and Cedric dying and all

At least POA was intriguing because we watched how Harry discovers Sirius


Unless Deathly Hallows is worse.

I feel bad for JK Rowling.

This director should be SHOT IN THE HEAD.

Her brilliant story.. made into a shitty film. Thank god it wasn’t nearly as bad as Twilight, hahaha Twilight major fail hahaha.