Angelie & Jessica action for 30 hours straight

Yup, non-stop Angelie & Jessica action for 30 straight hours!! Pure madness and fun.

She came over to hang out for “awhile” but ended up staying for 30 hours, LOL.

I don’t usually tan… but a little sun once in awhile definitely feels good

And nothing I love better on a laid-back day with perfect weather is to swim with friends @ my place ;)

Sun and pool goes like chips and coke!

We had the pool allllll to ourselves (“v”)

We stayed at this part of the pool cuz my babe can’t swim and she’s fun-sized, LOL.

One of the best, simple feelings in the world… Lying in the water and looking up at blue skies

Anyone else agree that the weather has been absolutely beautiful recently?

Sunny but not scorching and a little windy.

I love the whole environment, it’s so cosy and it always feels like I’m permanently staying in a holiday resort :)

I’ve had a lot of fun bringing friends over for the past 2 years.

I feel really fortunate.. would rather stay here than moving to town area which mum is considering. Meh.

Anyway back to swimming pics~~

We wanted to tan but the sun wasn’t strong enough…

So we came back for round 2 the next day!!


We woke up, lazed in bed for a bit, used the laptops and ate and I talked to Cupcake and then went down for Round 2 :)

Was kinda reluctant to go for round 2 at first cuz I wanted to do some other things, but if only I knew earlier how beautiful the weather was yesterday! If even possible, it was nicer than the day before.

Somehow I was reminded of Gwen & Me @ Cottesloe Beach in Australia when I saw these pictures! Awww… I’m going to perth very soon anyway, so YAY!!!!

Hahaha I gave her my rainbow bikini and heart shaped shades to wear, now she looks like such a sunshine girl!

This is why I don’t have to go to Sentosa :P

Tanning + girlfriend + pool + ipod = super loveeeeee!

LOL getting one heck of a massage




And of course we didn’t just tan and swim all day…

Angelie said she wanted me to doll her up, so I figured it’d be a good time to play with my new make up palettes that came in the mail recently.

66 Lip Colour Palette

88 Shimmer Eyeshadow Palette

They were sponsored by!

I already have the 88 Eyeshadow Palette, but in the matte version.

I know a lot of people would think that I’m crazy for having both, but if you knew anything about make up you’d know the drastic difference between matte and shimmer eyeshadows.

Side by side comparison

And most convincingly of all….

Exactly the same colour.. but look at the difference. Need I say more?

I loooooveeee these make up palettes because they’re so darn cheap and good! Well not that I ever had to pay for any of them, but seriously?

$27 for 88 pigmented eyeshadow colours is so crazily cheap!

You might not use every single colour, but who cares? I’d never have to stupidly buy any single eyeshadow colour from M.A.C ever again coz I have all the colours I’d ever need. For the same price or even cheaper, wtf!!!

It’s definitely more pigmented and shimmery than M.A.C. They’re the same make up palettes as popularized by Coastal Scents, it’s just that these are from wholesalers so it’s wayyy cheaper.

Some looks I’ve created for Angelie with the 88 Shimmer Eyeshadow Palette and 66 Lip Colour Palette…

A simple and neutral day time look. Just white, a little silver and some neutral browns

And my fav… Blue-ish smoky eyes.

Blended silver, turqoise and dark blue, brown and lack…

I’ve never liked all-black eyes very much, I think it’s too dull and strong. You can have colour and still have smoky eyes!

If you want it even MORE dramatic and fierce…

Forget about the colour, just bring on the silver, black and the falsies!

And lastly, Angelie’s fav, the “tan” girl look~

After all that fun in the sun, I needed to do a look that would suit her fresh tan~

Used gold and brown hues for this, nothing too shimmery, it’s supposed to have a natural healthy glow.

And I did a purple look for myself!

Yeah I CBF to curl my own lashes..

Used to stay away from bright colours but I like them now! They are very wearable and cheery if you match them right.

Sooooo, what do you think? I’ve never taken any make up courses but make up is really easy once you practice and watch tutorials!

Of course, the key factor is having good products to use. I got my brushes and make up palettes from

Visit for madly cheap and good beauty products + a whole lot more :)


Tanning in bikinis, playing with hair and make up, gossip & heart-to-heart talks, gushing like crazy over the boys we like…

Simple wonderful pleasures of being a girl that boys would never understand!!

Come stayover again soon babe! I miss your craziness already hehehe.

Poofy hair!

Btw babe… you left your red hairbrand, the one on my head in this pic, at my place. LOL.

And we pretty much spent the rest of our night talking to Cupcake, facebooking, camwhoring, chit chatting, singing along to songs, eating and all that good stuff that happens during girlie stayovers.

Not forgetting our tan…

Duh, how tan do we look in this picture eh!!!! Gotta love the healthy glow~

I think I still look better being fair though. LOL.

Have a shitload of camwhore pictures from webcam still, I’ll upload them next time.



Last but not least…

I never wanna leave my computer nowadays…

Because nothing makes me happier than spending time with you :)

However, this isn’t a story to tell today… maybe some other day when the time is right.

For now, I’m just stupidly happy leading my quiet but secure life. I haven’t felt so carefree in such a long time.

Drama = overrated.

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