Singtel Broadband on Mobile Advertorial

I think you guys know that thanks to Nuffnang, I received a brand new spiffy HTC Touch Cruise to do a review on!

But what’s the point of having such an advanced phone when I don’t have a suitable plan to match it?


I’m a student, I’m a blogger, I’m an internet addict.

I want and need to stay connected all the time and everywhere I go..

Without having to pay an exorbitant amount of money!

Almost like an immediate answer to my prayers, I just found out that Singtel has just launched its new service data plan called

Singtel Broadband on Mobile for Youths & NSFs!

Key features of this plan:

- You can stay connected anytime, anywhere for only $24.65* a month

- Surf the internet wirelessly and freely on your mobile or even your laptop!

- You will be given a data sim card and a modem, so how it works is that..

Whenever you want to surf the net freely on your mobile, just make sure you have that data sim card inserted in your phone.

And if you want to surf the net freely on your laptop, simply insert your data sim card into the modem that’s provided to you and plug it in.


How convenient is that?

You don’t even need to pay for a separate broadband plan for your laptop - kill 2 birds with 1 stone, just sign up for Singtel Broadband on Mobile for Youths & NSFs!



Do you know what this means?!

This means..

- I don’t have to put up with my school’s crappy and slow connection anymore! Hurray! Doing research in school would be so much easier and faster.

Me looking like -___-” while using my laptop in school cos the connection’s soooooooooooo slow.. But this won’t happen anymore!!!

- I don’t need no PSP or DS Lite to entertain me, I got the whole freaking world wide web on my mobile!!!

- I could even update my blog while I’m suntanning in Sentosa or taking a poop in the bathroom, LOL.

And as for you?

- You could surf on your mobile when you’re out and about anytime, anywhere! Yay :P

- You don’t have to hunt for places with free WiFi services anymore! You deserve greater flexibility and better connection.

The list of possiblities and opportunities are endless.

Just think of how convenient this would be!

I know of many people who don’t use the internet function much on their phone in fear of exploding phone bills.

You can now stay connected with ease, this plan is offered exclusively to Youths & NSFs because Singtel understands your needs!

Extra plus points:

Singtel has the most reliable network, so you don’t have to worry about connection problems. Plus, you pay a lower rate for more bundled data. What is $24.465 a month to stay connected everywhere?

*Terms and Conditions apply

Sign up at any SingTel shop or log on to for more details