Singapore River Festival Advertorial

Here are the pictures from Singapore’s First Blogger Flash Mob!

My disguise for the day.. I totally look so professional don’t I!

Wendy and me~

This is the part where I panic with a stupid expression on my face cos everyone else is leaving and I’m left alone with stalker photographer with Pumpkin in my hands, both of us searching for the blonde

Me taking pics with one of my followers for the flash mob!

Bunch of bloggers/readers attending Singapore’s First Blogger Flash Mob!

And.. picture of the pillow fight!!!

Even though the event was a little messy, I still thought it was pretty fun.
I got the chance to meet quite a few of my readers and they were so very nice to me! Thanks guys! A lot more people turned up than I expected. Despite the gloomy weather, everyone was still in good spirits and very spontaneous which was really cool.

We all gathered in Orchard, stripped down to our PJs while “dancing” and had fun (and attracted attention) so isn’t that all that matters? Some people are giving such harsh unnecessary criticism.. why would they take something meant to be done in the name of fun so seriously?

Anyway, big thanks to all my followers who turned up that day!!!! But wait, that’s not the end yet!
We are heading down to Singapore River Festival for much more exciting activities!

You are invited to the “Ultimate PJ Party” @ The Arena,in conjunction with Singapore River Festival’s launch on 19th June!

* Free entry to The Arena with 2 drinks
* Free performance by The Arena All Stars

Entry “ticket” is the red stress ball that was given out during the Flash Mob event in your goodie bag, so don’t forget to bring that! Dress code: Pyjamas. COMPULSORY, otherwise no entry!

You can be sure this is gonna be fun coz last year’s PJ party was a blast!!

The Singapore River Festival is the largest sundown party by the river for everyone’s enjoyment that takes place from 19th-27th June! Experience a spectacular water and land boat parade in celebration of Singapore River’s historic trading port and the people who lived and worked along the River. The bumboat parade will feature kampung boys, traders, coolies, samsui women, rickshaw pullers, Chinese opera singers, street hawkers and vanishing traders—all on water. There will also be 2 giant floats berthed at Boat Quay depicting a fishing village and trading port.

There will be specially guided tours by Nuffies, so make sure you bring your camera to take lots of photos! I’m totally excited for it but I’m running out of PJs to wear. LOL.

Log on to for more details!