Milly’s 1 Year Anniversary Advertorial

Nothing like an attention-grabbing pic to start a new entry!
Like my nails?!?!

I know they are kinda childish, but people have been telling me it suits me and it looks very princessy so yay!

Before, and after!
Close up of them:

I wanted a french manicure but I also wanted bling, so I ended up designing this!
It’s fake stick-on nails btw, but they feel really comfortable and they look 100% real!!!

I got them done at..

Milly’s, of course!
Something about having 2 manicurists attending to you makes you feel very pampered. While I was doing my hair, Gwen was having her extensions done!!!

On her way to having long hair.. Yipeee


She loves it.. I love how it looks on her too. She suits both short and long hair but a lot of girls somehow look better with longer hair! Milly’s provides hair extension services, eyelash extension services and now she’s re-launched her little nail parlour!

Also, to celebrate her 1 Year Anniversary, she’s introducing Facial & Slimming programmes!

I’ve tried her slimming services one time and I think it must be really effective cuz I felt the “hot” sensation on my thighs for hours even after the massage was done man!!!

You know something like the feeling you get in your thighs when you run for a long time? I haven’t tried her facial yet, I’ll let y’all know once I have. I used to say that Milly’s is a one stop beauty parlour… man.. she is really taking what I said seriously :P