Geo lens finally here!

Yipee yay my geo lens came in the mail a few days ago! First picture taken of me wearing them :)

After trying all sorts of colours.. I still reckon brown suits me best.

I was so happy when I saw it.. Only costed me $15 too!

It’s so much more wearable and comfortable than FreshLook lenses.. meh. Time to throw away my 2 extra pairs of Freshlook 475 degrees (wow, I know, I’m blind)

If anyone wants it, self-collection @ Simei. Email


I went to Nuffnang’s premiere of Hannah Montana – the movie (thanks for the tics!) a couple of days ago

And I brought James + 2 friends with me!

These girls need no introduction ;)

I liked the movie, was very light-hearted and all, but I won’t say too much to spoil it for those who are planning to watch it! I still have 2 more advertorials of Hannah Montana to complete so stay tuned for that.

There was this blog reader who came up to me when I was in line to buy Japanese food and she said,Hi Jessica, remember me? (she said hi to me before, months ago).. .. Anyway, the indian food is over there.

And then she pointed into some far away direction.



If you’ve been wondering what I’ve been doing,

I really haven’t been doing much at all!

Been skipping school a lot.. Lessons are sooooooooooo boring, I miss Mr Siew :(

We’re taking Media Studies and Econs now. B-O-R-I-N-G! I’d rather learn about Marketingggggg.

So I’ve been going swimming, shopping, eating, playing a lot of L4D and replying blogshop emails.

My mum bought 4 Thai / Korean ghost stories DVD so I’m totally looking forward to watching that with her tonight! HAHAHA.

Hope they’re scary as helll… haven’t had a good scare in awhile now.

There doesn’t seem to be many nice movies to watch these days, eh?!?


And New Moon looks boring as hell. I haven’t read the books but the first Twilight movie was ABSOLUTELY CRAP.

Ayayayaya, I’m gonna stop ranting about whatever and play L4D now. I miss my fav L4D partner.


Oh yea, before I go..

My fav quote currently?

“Nothing is really quite what it seems to be”