Dove Daily Treatment Conditioner Advertorial

Are you one of those girls suffering from major split ends and damaged hair from constant change of hair colours and styling? Before you say “no”, think again!
The usage of curling tongs, straightening irons and blowing your hair dry with a hairdryer can damage your hair. Even more shocking – Using the harmless-looking towel to rub and dry your hair after showering everyday or running combs through your hair can also be damaging..
Heat and styling is not your hair’s friend.
Out of all the damaging processes I’ve mentioned above, I am only guilty of.. curling my hair a few times a month.

I do go swimming pretty often though, and my hair becomes reallyyyyy dry plus tangled up after a dip!
And the damage usually lasts for 3-4 days if I don’t take care of it.. (read: TANGLED DRY MESS)
What do I do?!? Not a problem…
Dove Daily Treatment Conditioners to the rescue!

Dove daily treatment conditioner for Intense Damage Therapy

You gotta have this if you can’t give up your hair-dramaging styling ways! Built – in treatment fills in even the smallest cracks and restores your hair strength..

Dove daily treatment conditioner for Dry Hair

Even if you don’t have really damaged hair, the most common hair problems girls have is having dull, lifeless, frizzy and dry hair with lots of split ends!
Sometimes, conditioner just isn’t enough. And not everyone can afford to go to fancy salons for expensive treatments monthly..
This is how Dove Daily Treatment Conditioners are the perfect mix of both convenience and rejunvenation, making beautiful hair that much easier to achieve!
Both a condtioner and treatment for everyday use at only $5.50 per bottle? No girl has any excuse to sport split ends and frizzy “dead” looking tresses anymore.
It took me quite awhile to realize how important having healthy hair is. I used to have really frizzy and dry looking hair.. until I started to treat my hair better by using normal conditioner daily. That didn’t help much however, and in the end I decided to snip off a whole lot of my hair (mainly the damaged ends) so that it may grow back pretty and healthy.
Just compare the texture of my hair back THEN.. (End of 2008) 
Dull and lifeless…

And look how much it’s improved since then!

It’s very soft, silky and extremely manageable now.

Fortunately for you, you don’t have to go down my path by snipping your beloved locks off just to ensure healthy growth.
You don’t need exorbitant-priced treatments from fancy salons either. You can use Dove Daily Treatment Conditioners to restore back to its original healthy state. I can’t stress just how important having healthy hair is.. there’s really no point in having nice hair colour and style if it looks like you haven’t been taking care of it. My Experience with Dove Daily Treatment Conditioner:
I’ve went swimming twice in the past week, and after my first dip in the pool decided to use a normal pharmacy conditioner and the 2nd time I used Dove Daily Treatment Conditioner (dry therapy). The difference is that the normal pharmacy conditioner’s “luxe soft feel” it did for my hair only lasted for 1 day, by the next wash I could tell it was more dry already. However, for Dove Daily Treatment Conditioner, the smoothness of my hair didn’t disappear even after 2 washes.. And for that few days, my hair had noticably less tangles and felt more smooth.
Check out Dove’s website at
Ever wondered what you’d look like with a drastic change of hairstyle? There’s this cool function that enables you to change many different hairstyles, and at the same time it lets you know how much damaged you’d have done to your hair in the process. You might have seen this cool function in the current flashing banner for Dove I had in my sidebar!
LOL. What do you think ehhhhh?!
The thing I love most about having healthy hair? The sense of satisfaction when my hair noticably shines a lot in pictures, when my boyfriend touches my hair and runs his fingers through it so much more often nowadays, and when people ask my secret to having beautiful hair.
Today, I am here to share my secret to having beautiful hair..
The truth is, there is no secret. It just depends on how you handle your own hair on a daily basis.