Long long day with my MDIS mates..

I reached home around 4am yesterday!
Gee.. I can’t remember when was the last time I reached home that late. I’m not the sort of girl who refuses to go home and wants to stay out as late as possible.. Most of the time I’d prefer to be home by midnight.

And I also can’t remember when was the last time I had a day that felt this long!!!

In summary:

I woke up at 11, changed and took a cab down to Plaza Singapura where I met Alex and Prashanth for lunch at Manhattan Fish Market at about 1 plus,

After lunch we walked to Parklane where Chloe and Sherman joined us to play L4D at about 3,

We played L4d till about 4:30 and finally walked to YMCA and took a bus back to Queenstown MRT, and from Queenstown MRT we took the shuttle bus back to MDIS.

We bought drinks and reached class at about 5, (class started at 3:30 and supposedly ends 6:30) and we tolerated Hawabi’s lecture all the way until almost 7.

After school, me and Gwen and Alcan and Prashanth shared a cab to town.

We walked over to Taka to wait for Chloe’s performance, where the rest of them + my bf met up with us and by the time Chloe’s performance was over, it was already 9 plus and we walked to Lucky Plaza because I managed to convince everyone to eat my fav indian food.

I stuffed myself silly with amazing indian food until 10 plus, then we walked to Cineleisure and bought tickets for Angels and Demons.

We accompanied Chloe & Nicholas to eat again, until 11 plus.

After everyone has eaten, we went to level 9 to play Left 4 Dead, AGAIN.

Finally, at 1+, we went for our movie and I took a cab back home at 3+am.


HAHAHAHA yea.. that was pretty much my day.

Chloe fell asleep during the movie xD

I thought the movie was rather interesting though… loved the unexpected twist at the end.

I’d rate Angels and Demons 3.5/5!

Ok since I’ve already went through what I did that day… here are the pictures :P

Me and Gwen waiting for our darling’s performance!

Gweennnnnnnnn and me

Loverboy and myself (“v”)
Sweet of him to join me and my friends nowadays.. I’m so relieved he gets on well with my friends!!

He’ll love them as much as I do~

HAHAHA Gwen thought he was kinda cute.. he is cute but just wait till you get to know him better!!! My little annoying one.

Our starlet before her performance!

You did greattttttttttttttt. Sexy dance.. *makes sizzling sound*

The girls who came down to support Chloe~

(some) of The Guys!

After Chloe’s performance, my bf and Nicholas ran up to Chloe to “Get her Autograph”

HAHAHAHAHAHA omg! Damn dramatic and funny. My bf’s idea btw!!!!

By that time we were all starvinggggg, and off we went to Lucky Plaza to my fav indian food place ^.^

Luck was with me, we arrived just in time cos the last order was 9:20!


Muahaha he loves indian food too, and he’s going to take me to Wendy’s soon, YAY!!!
My gang of indian food khakis is growing! I’ve managed to influence Chloe and Gwen to like indian food too…

The only problem is that my own boyfriend doesn’t like indian food! :(

Gwen, me, Angelie and Bryan!

They loved it too DUHHHHHHH.. how can anyone not like such delicious food? *smacks James*


This is the part where we were waiting for Chloe and Nicholas to finish their dinner at Shokudo or something

Starlet and me



Prashanth: “Oi, stop taking candid pictures of me!! Gimme that camera~


And finally, a(n incomplete) group piccy!

After that we went to play L4D..
I have the real L4D in my lappy now!
But it always overheats when playing L4D.. I know a laptop isn’t meant for playing games la.

So after each game I take a break HAHAHAHAH.

It’s not quite as fun when you play with your friends in a LAN shop! The feeling is just different.

Anyhoo, bye now!