Indian food and crazy beer session with MDIS mates


Guess where we were?

Hint: One of my fav places in Singapore, the place I wish to be locked in if there should ever be a shortage of food around.


See Allison holding up that menu?!

It is… The best indian food ever! ^.^

I seriously honestly completely believe I deserve a membership of some sort. I think they must have made like 1000 bucks out of me already, including all the friends I’ve introduced to this place LOL.

This place reminds me of MaryAnn! I haven’t seen her in agessssssss..

Adam acting shy and ever-camera-ready Sherman

I’m taking a picture of you taking a picture of me!

As usual the food was immensely satisfying.. However the standard was lower than usual. It wasn’t QUITE as yummylicious as it usually is, I think it’s because they are always altering their recipes so sometimes it’s really good sometimes it’s not bad.

But I am the biggest sucker for indian food so give me any sort of mutton curry and butter chicken and this girl will never complain.

After our meal.. Standing outside Lucky Plaza

I was trying to gather everyone to take a photo but they ignored me -___-

So James snapped this instead, LOL

Prashanth, Angelie, me and James!

Somewhat managed to get people settled down… but James is an awful photographer!!! Kinda candid

Better.. I think

I included this picture because of the clear “Louis Vuitton” sign HAHAHAHA we are so “atas”

Afterwhich we went to chillout.. (in a very warm place -_-)

Samuel staring in awe at the tower of liquid gold

Happy night for Alex (and for alot of other people).. We know why!

We don’t drink.. But San Miguel’s beer is so light and fluffy, it’s like soda LOL. Even lighter than Tiger I think

Some people getting high~

Hottiiiesss (“v”)

We played the classic drinking games of I Never and Truth Or Dare..

Let’s just say we all found out some very interesting facts about our classmates! They are a daring bunch.. What else to expect from mass commers?

Most of the time I was laughing my head off at their crazy antics. Unfortunately my boyfriend was there to keep me under control!!!

There definitely was a LOT of lip-locking going on!!


One of my dare was to kiss a girl.. And I think it’s obvious who I made out with!

It was the first time I made out with tongue with a girl OMG!

*thinks of Katy Perry’s song*

They actually took pictures.. but I don’t see them anywhere on their Facebook pages!!! I’ll upload the rest of the pics when I get them from other people

Some of the CRAZY STUNTS:

Plucking a bunch of hair off Prashanth’s chest..?

Ouch! That must have hurt!!!!!

You must be wondering.. Why did we need Prashanth’s chest hair?



HAAHAHAHAHAHAHA look at Seah’s ultra evil and pleased face while doing so!!!!


Is he really going to drink it?!?!



Sherman… you are a HERO!!!!


Other dares included..

Me daring my boyfriend to do a sexy gay dance on Prashanth.

Oddly enough, they both seemed to be really enjoying it!!!

And Angelie took this picture of me taking a picture of my boyfriend doing a sexy gay dance on my indian friend.

I was obviously very amused.


The rest that happened that night shall remain our secrets to keep ;)

I’m sure there will be many more of such nights to come!


Marketing exam tomorrow. Wish me luck!