Why I should look forward to school….

After a long, long, LONG LONG break for about half a year doing absolutely nothing except going on holidays and lazing around and having a good time…

I’m finally going…


For the blur ones, I am taking Mass Comm at MDIS.

Wtf I dunno how many times I’ve repeated this already but people are still asking…

Why mass comm at MDIS? It’s not that I can’t get into poly, I still can for some courses, but I don’t wanna go to some shit course that I’m not interested in just for the sake of going to poly, y’know?

I wanted to get into Ngee Ann but of course I’m not that smart eh.

………..11 points? Kill me plz.

No way I would even slog that hard just to get 11 points to get into a good poly.

I’m still bent on going into mass comm though, so I decided to take a private school’s mass comm course instead. And since my brother also took mass comm @ MDIS, naturally, I followed suit…

I don’t think it’s a big deal. The origin of a certificate does not define a person.. I think I have a lot more advantages to make up for my less-impressive cert anyways ;)

Someone like me was meant to do mass comm. I think.

For now, I can’t really see myself doing anything else..

In the future I can go work in the media industry or something. You know, maybe be a journalist, or do some advertising, or whatever…. whatever… don’t exactly know yet.

I’m not a school person, but strangely enough, I am kinda looking forward to school…

Here are my reasons why I’m looking forward to school:


1st reason:
There would be less time for me to rot and laze around

Ok, I guess the past half year has been pretty cool for me.

I’ve went out a lot of times, had a lot of fun, ate a lot of food, done a lot of things and been to cool places like


Las Vegas



Legend Of The Seas Cruise

and various parts of Western Australia.


BUT, even though I’ve had the most amazing times I FEEL VERY BORED NOW!!!

For the past few days, I have been rotting at home. (playing gunbound, watching Paris Hilton’s BFF show, etc)

Besides the occasional meet-ups with girlfriends and the frequent meet ups with my boyfriend and the family gatherings and holidays and blogging I don’t think I’ve been doing anything else.

I’ve become lazier than ever and it is so scary!!!

…..You know you’re a damn slacker when you always lose track of the date.

EVERYTIME I have to ask people what date it is, like, “Erm. what date is it? 3rd April?”

And they give me the wtf look and go, “It’s 9th April.”


One day I will be uncool, saggy and old and I won’t even realize it.

I know a lot of people would love to have my life.

How nice it would be to go out and have fun all the time and still have more than enough money to spend even though you don’t even work at all.

How nice it would be to just do whatever you like, whenever you like, however you like… Nobody to control you or to stress you out or whatever, right?!



Well, not for too long at least!

I agree my life is currently shiok butttttt I am just getting too lazy.

I need to get out there, get my brain to start functioning again, make myself productive and useful to the world…


2nd reason:
It will be a whole new experience.

I am going to experience school like I’ve never did before.

Bye bye HIHS…

This time, I won’t have to wake up at 5am everyday to travel 1 and a half hours to school,
I won’t have to wear ugly uniforms and look like death every morning,
I won’t have to line up and be ordered around like a dog by teachers…

This time, I can wake up at 2pm even, cos most of my classes start at 3, I can wear make up and dress nicely for school, and I definitely would never have to be treated like a juvenile again.

I liked to annoy teachers back in high school, but to be honest, all their screaming and lecturing ways have gotten way boring….

My secondary school days were definitely memorable.

I had a lot of fun, crazy, wild and amazing times.

And I had very sad times as well.

I’ve definitely learnt a lot.

It feels quite surreal actually.

I remember being Secondary 2 and wishing time would quickly pass and that I could grow up faster.

Then I remember being Sec 3 and hoping time would just stop there.

I was Sec 1, I was Sec 2, I was Sec 3, I was Sec 4 and now I’m out of secondary school.

I’ve wanted to do a long and emotional blog post about leaving HIHS since the day I left.

But I haven’t found the strength yet.. sometimes, I just refuse to think about it.

Frankly speaking, I don’t really feel like I left my secondary school,

I just feel like I’m on a very long holiday…


I’m both happy and relieved that it’s over, yet sad and nostalgic at the same time.

However, that’s all history now and I’m finally moving on to a new phase of life.

Memories I will keep forever.

They say high school’s the best time of your life and I definitely hope that’s not true because if that is so, the rest of my life does not look very promising.

Now, hopefully a more mature and responsible Jessica will skip school less often and take work more seriously… hopefully.


Speaking of changes, I wonder what the hell I should wear on my first day of school?

And should I put on make up?

Some people at MDIS dress up as though they’re at a fashion show… It’s amusing.

Currently, I’m planning to wear a smart casual tee and shorts and sandals and light make up.

If I wear full make up, they’d probably think I’m the sort who dolls up everyday, which is totally not true, because more often that not, I leave my house without make up and I’m so used to looking absolutely shitty in school.

I’m sure if you’re one of my school mates you’d remember that half the time I looked like


cos my shirt will be untucked, my hair would be messy, my eyes would be half closed…

God I looked like the living dead.

So yea, if I wear full make up on the first day and if I don’t go with any make up the 2nd day, probably nobody would recognize me and they’d all be like “WTF” so ya…. I think I’ll stick with light make up.


3rd reason :
To finally put my craazzyy amount of clothes to good use

Hahahah the other day Peggy was at my house and she saw my wardrobe and she was like,

“Omg why are your clothes stacked so damn high?!?!”

I ran out of hangers, so I decided to fold my clothes neatly and stack them and they’re like toppling over every single time I try to take something out to wear cos the pile is so high it can hardly balance anymore.

I have stopped accepting sponsored advertorials nowadays, unless I really really like items because I received soooo much clothes for blogshops, 95% of them which I’ve never even worn ONCE, or worse – now I even forgot their existence.

I would donate them to the salvation army, but I’m sure people in Africa wouldn’t wanna wear a satin toga dress or checkered leggings, right?

So now that I’m having school everyday, I will be putting all my clothes to good use! Woot.

The only problem is, I have a lot of dressy clothes that are tight or short or low cut or bling bling so I’m not sure whether they’re appropriate or not… Hmmm.

Anyways, we’ll see how it goes!!

I am hoping to set up a blogshop soon, which will sell alot of my own BN / preloved clothes, do stay tuned for that! Hehe.


4th reason -
To spend more time with my brother

My brother will still be studying in MDIS for about a month more, and for this month he will be driving my mum’s Beetle to fetch us both to school.

After this month when he graduates, my mum will be driving me to school instead…

It is damn effing far, I stay at Simei and it’s at STIRLING ROAD!!

Fucking queenstown, fucking 1 hour if I took public transport!!!!

So thank god I have my brother/mother to always fetch me to school… Hehehe.

It’s quite cool to be in the same school with my brother, I never thought that would happen, since he’s 8 years my senior.

We used to hang out and play together when we were much younger, but him being a guy 8 years my senior, naturally, we drifted apart…

I’m really thankful for our frequent family gatherings and dinners nowadays though,

makes me very happy whenever we have family dinners, or when we go out for midnight movies together with James, etc :)

Maybe I will get to get to know my brother a little bit more, see how he’s like when he’s in school… heh.


5th reason: I will be studying something I’m interested in.

Something that will be really useful for me when I go out and work.

I thought that math in secondary school was utter bullshit most of the time.

What with polygrams and lo…log..logarithim?

Damn I don’t even remember what they’re called anymore.

I always used the excuse of “not being interested” in certain subjects whenever I failed math / science / chinese or whatever.

I told myself I will do well in subjects I’m interested in, such as Literature and Pure Geography. and I did.

So now, I will know for sure whether what I’ve said is correct… Since I have chosen to study mass comm, there should be no complaints.

Perhaps, I will finally have a chance to realize my full potential.

To do something I’m good at doing, to do something I enjoy doing.

I hope school in the future will be something I find productive and useful, enough to keep me awake throughout the day…

No more staying back an extra hour on Wednesdays for teachers to explain about Sex Education like we did in high school!!!


I am so over that man hahaha that was really hilarious.

Alright, that’s all I can think of now.

Sadly, the reason “Getting to know more hot guys” cannot be added to my list because…. *gasp* I’ve been to MDIS and I know what it’s like. I think.

P.S – I realize my tagboard has been swarmed by an unusual amount of tags recently, and it’s getting hard to reply / read all of them so do leave comments if you have something important to say!