The rest of my Australia trip – Various exciting adventures!

I’ve posted about the first and second day of my Perth trip, so now I’m going to blog about the rest of my days… in one post combined.

First of all, I realize I haven’t posted about where we stayed at in Perth!

We stayed at Uncle John’s apartment, located at The Circus, Burswood.

The location was pretty cool since the casino was right next to us…

The outside looks something like this~

This image was taken from google, I forgot to take pictures of the environment hahaha it’s ovely though!

First staircase, dangling lights that look like saggy balls and the longest curtain I’ve seen in my life! (2 storeys long) LOL. Can’t say I wasn’t amused.

His TV area… His house is 3 storeys high, has 3 toilets, many bedrooms and 4 massive TVs.

Oh yea,……..he lives alone.

Him preparing dinner for us in the kitche… I like how his house is decorated quite artyfarty-ish but still kept so clean, simple and neat!

Chairs and a TV next to the kitchen. LOL? He said one of those chairs cost a few thousand each, WTF?!? I thought I could buy one at ikea for $100 or something… but he likes designer chairs.

My room for that week we were there! Simple and quite bare… LOL. But all I needed was a comfortable bed and a full length mirror ;)

Ok, that’s all for Uncle John’s house! Didn’t take others pics so yea.




Random pictures while shopping at David Jones:

My baby, with the scarf and shirt that I bought him! Hehe. I think he looked quite metrosexual (maybe even gay) cos he was carrying my LV bag, LOL.

Me and a marshmallow teddy bear.


But, fuck, I am such a sucker for cute or slightly weird stuff (better if combined) so I bought it even though I know it’d taste like shit anyway… 7 AUD, can you believe it?!?!

They had a looot of cute stuff! Like this marshmallow hand bag xD

I was browsing through their chocolates when this adorable little girl tugged on my hand and said, “Mummy’s going to buy me chocolates, yay!” and then smiled at me.

Then her mum spotted her and brought her away. Hahaha how cute is she!




Soooo, on the 4th night, me and James went to watch the

Phantom Of The Opera!

I really really like the theme song and the song “Think Of Me”, so hauntingly beautiful..

But still, no music more hauntingly beautiful than Titanic’s!

I think Phantom’s a great musical, however, I wasn’t a fan of the performance at the Burswood Theatre. It was quite boring actually, not impressive.

Perhaps it wasn’t wide-scale enough to get better singers and better stage set-ups.

Half the time, I couldn’t hear what they were saying/singing… Overall, I didn’t think it was worth my $100+, maybe I should watch the one at London =D

James almost fell asleep. LOL. I knew he wouldn’t enjoy it!!!

Us during their half hour break… The whole show lasted for 2 hours +

Everyone queueing up for drinks… Man they do love their alcohol.

Outside their hotel!

The new polo I bought for him! :D


The land of lost money

After the musical, I went home and my mum + James stayed on at the Casino to gamble…

All alone in the cold, big house!!!

Just me, myself, and I.


On the last day, I wanted to meet Gwen but she had school and I had no idea where to go!

In the end, after much much much contemplation, Uncle John helped us to book a tour which was AMAZING!

Super early in the morning… 6 plus and I’m already camwhoring, LOL. I look funny cos I only have eyeliner on!

So my mum made breakfast for us again (two eggs and two sausages.. BEST SAUSAGE I’VE EVER ATE IN MY LIFE)

And then Uncle John dropped us off somewhere in the city where the coach would pick us up!

We were almost, ALMOST left behind.. heh. Luckily we weren’t, it was such an experience!!!

For more info about Australian Pinnacle Tours, click here

Everybody was already on the bus except for us, and surprisingly we still got front seats… I think Uncle John requested for them?

It was nice and quiet early in the morning, and it was good to be awake at 8am..

Afterall, I usually only wake up after 1pm and mornings just pass me by.

I love looking out of the window during long bus rides…

And you’ll just pass by all sorts of sceneries, people and buildings and different things to admire, without having to move an inch – all in the comfort of your coach.

Our first stop was about a 45 minute drive away – and my FAVOURITE stop -

Caversham Wildlife Park!

We were introduced to our guide, Tash (I think)

She was friendly, sunny and did a great job in bringing us around… just like our Pinnacle Tours Coach Captain!

Our group!

I was very very excited because I love animals! (I mean I love to play and look at cute animals)






And the first famous Australian animal we saw was……



Lots and lots of tame and friendly kangaroos!!!!!!

Oh my god, I’ve never known Kangaroos were this friendly!

I’ve heard of kangaroos punching people and being aggressive but the bunch I came in contact with were soooooo tame and I was just so pleasantly surprised!

Yeah, they may not be wild kangaroos, but I dare say these kangaroos are even friendlier than the puppies you have at home!!!

They don’t bark, nor bite, nor scratch. They bounce up to you and sniff you, then just kinda hang around you!

It was delightful having them come close to me~


They are just so, so sweet!

They looked me in the eye and just stayed still to let me pat them and play with them~

Me and James were just like :o… omg!! because we didn’t expect to be surrounded by so so many kangaroos, and not just being surrounded by them, we could feed and play with them as well!

Haiiii there love!!!!!

I luff you! ^__________^

Kangaroos and dolphins are my favourite animals now!

Their fur is much like the fur on a kangaroo soft toy, I didn’t expect it to feel that much alike, LOL.

Awww will you just look at those darlings??!


There was this moment when I was surrounded by like, 10 kangaroos?

I was just concentrating on feeding them and before I knew it, the kangaroos created a circle around me and all I could see was kangaroo fur! LOL.

I was quite intimidated at first because there were a few hungry-looking ones and I ran out of food, but they were not the LEAST bit aggressive.

Even when you feed them, they don’t gobble it up greedily or knock it out of your hand – they gently lick it off your hands and the best part is their saliva doesn’t stink! =P

I wanna keep them as pets :D

Waa this silly kangaroo turned his head away at the wrong time!

Hahaha James looks funny in this pic cos he’s all blown out. Which would I choose, James or kangaroo? …

Eh, that’s a tough one =P

Close up of this handsome one!

HEHEHEHE they are sooooo funny and adorable when they hop and bounce about!

Aww look at that! This kangaroo likes my boyfriend…






And I mean she REALLY likes my boyfriend!!!

Oi, you kangaroo-boyfriend-stealer!!! =((((

Soon, it was time for us to move on to check out the other Australian animals…

And I was sooooo reluctant to leave! I’ve hugged a koala before so I wasn’t all that excited, I just wanted to play with the kangaroos abit more~

Wasn’t my decision to make though….


I’m not the biggest animal lover who will protest against wearing fur or go vegetarian because I think that’s pretentious bullshit, but I’m still very much amazed when I see for myself how intelligent and lovely animals can be sometimes…

These kangaroos have really captured my heartttttttttttt





Our next stop – WOMBAT!!!!

I was very very very excited because I’ve never seen a real wombat before!

Still, I knew what a wombat was and as far as I’m concerned, it is one of the cutest things I’ve ever seen….

Cuz look at the wombat soft toy that lives in my room!!!

I stole it from my brother cos it so CUTE!!!

My mum got it for him when they went to Australia, I think…. Maybe I went too, but I must have been very young cause I don’t remember anything.

But it’s like this dark brown furry rabbit-like thing and it’s like so fluffy and so small and so cute and so, so..



So not like THIS:

…WTF. IS. THAT?!?!?!


Whatever happened to my

Cute little wombat?

….Pffft. I know it’s just a soft toy but isn’t that kinda EXAGERRATING?

Before that, I was like telling James, “Waaa I can’t wait to hug a wombat cos it is sooooo cute”

…And when I reached he was like “….Very cute meh. Go hug lor!”

And I’m just like “………………….”

Nevertheless, we still took a photo with this very lazy looking boar-like wombat which was no way cute by my definition.

There was “free souvenirs” all over the floor and I stepped on one and my shoe stank like hell -____-

Thank god I could rub it off on the wet grass… ugghhhhh

Wombats, according to our guide, are very strong creatures and extremely hard to tame…

The wombat you see in the picture above is the only one they’ve managed to keep under control so that tourists could take pictures with it o.o

It can run up 40km/h too, apparently. Wtf?!?! Hahahah that funny fat thing running 40km/h?

Passing by some exotic caged birds…

A wombat!!!! It looks a lot better like this when it’s not sitting down like an obese couch potato.

The next famous Australian animal….


“Never call them koala bears because koalas are just koalas and are not cousins of bears” - according to guide.

Napping koala!

I heard they’re only awake like 4 hours a day?!?!?!

So shiok ah their life.

I don’t understand why people think koalas are cute….

Last time I went to Dreamworld, also in Australia, I took pictures while holding this koala and the koala actually dug its claw thingy into my brand new jacket and tore a whole in it!

Koalas are kinda overrated. Nobody thinks kangaroos are cute but they’ve never even seen a real life friendly kangaroo before, so how to make judgement eh?!

Even captive koalas/wombats are not friendly, whereas kangaroos are such darlingssssssssss.

It’s quite funny how they always cling onto trees… They must have really strong arms. I wonder if it’s tiring to cling onto a tree while you sleep xD

James with (parts of a) Koala!

I got him to take some pics of me with the koala as well but he is a super CMI photographer so the pic turned out horrible so yea.

And because of the time constraint, we didn’t have much time to go see other animals because we had so much other stuff to do for the rest of the day!

Our tour was a FULL DAY TOUR, 13 freaking hours!!!

I’m just sooooo glad I got to play and hug those kangaroos, now I need to swim with dolphins!!




Offfff we went to our next destination - The Pinnacles

Finally, baby boy is awake!

He’s sleeping most of the time… much like a koala.

The journey was uber long… Took about 3 hours from Caversham Wildlife Park to The Pinnacles!

Vineyards :)

Made me nostalgic, making me miss Margaret River!

For someone who lives in a concrete jungle like singapore, it was amazing passing by sooooooooooooo much land that was unused… Just untouched grassland as far as the eye could see.

We even spotted WILD Kangaroos!!! And we got all excited hahaha..

In Australia most of the cars who travel out of the city often have what they call a “Kangaroo Bar” on their cars, which looks something like this:

Because kangaroos get attracted / are dazzled by the light that comes out of the cars’ headlights and they hop hop hop towards the direction of the light and leap onto the road in front of the car!!!

Damn sad right?!?!?! T_T

Most of them end up dead and the car can be severely damaged…

When you see this sign, look out for poor hopping and unsuspecting Kangaroos!!!

My lover :D

In Australia.

On a tour.

…WITH ME!!!!




We stopped by for lunch that was prepared by the tour agency…

So our tour guide was like unpacking all the food from the containers and it was really quite fascinating to see how friendly and efficient he is compared to those who drive coaches to Genting. LOL.

After what seemed like foreeverrrrrrr, we reached THE PINNACLES!

Famous landscape but not my kind of place. Rocks and rocks and rocks… But it’s still an experience eh!


The Pinnacles is contained within Nambung National Park, near the town of Cervantes, Western Australia. The Pinnacles are limestone formations. Blahblahblah… “

Upon arrival~~~~

…I told you James is a really bad photographer -_-

Just compare the picture I took for him and the one he took for me above!!! Grrr

Our friendly tour guide!

He was explaining to us the formation of the rocks and telling us that this rough yellow sand is the heaviest so we won’t have to worry about any of it getting on us when the wind blows~

I took quite a few pictures of The Pinnacles Desert but they all turned out something like this:

I don’t think my picture does justice to it, so….

I googled better pictures xD

Are you thinking what I’m thinking? ;)

Me and baby and possibly the tallest rock at the pinnacles!

I’m 1.7m, so you can do a rough estimate…

The place was huuuuuuuuuuuge…

And we walked for a really long time, covering a few kilometres… Gwen told me to look out for emus but I didn’t see any, LOL, what a shame.

The weather was just sweltering like how it should be in a desert, so thank god for my sunnies and the occasional breezes…

Some rock.

“I’m on the top of the world rock!!!”

Wooo my hair was pretty much flying everywhere throughout the day…

Here’s another thing we could add onto our long list of “Cool Stuff We’ve Done”

- Walking through a desert together.





As I was walking and walking and pressing on through the desert, feeling quite hot, tired and thirsty,

I imagined those desert scenes in the movies where they all eventually die of thirst and heat stroke and some vultures feeding on them. LOL.


A break, and we left soon after…

One last picture of us in The Pinnacles Desert:


It only took one click of the shutter button to get it, too! I wonder why James always jumps like Mario -__-

I am very pleased with myself because I am usually major fail at jumps but I look like I’m jumping pretty high here eh?!?!




Bye bye Pinnacles!

We weren’t able to see the famous WILDFLOWERS cos the time wasn’t right… Pooey!

I was soooo looking forward to seeing fields and fields of flowers blooming prosperously :(




Next stop : L.A.C.E.L.I.N!

….And you know what Lancelin means?!?!?!



Gwen was gushing about how awesome sandboarding is and I was thrilled to know that Lancelin was part of our tour too!

A picture of their beach… I wonder what’s all that gross stuff near the coast line, is that OIL?!?!

It’s really awful compared to Cottesloe, I can’t imagine swimming in those waters..

But a beach is still a beach, and I LOVE BEACHES!

I also love sea breezes ;)

One minute I’m hugging kangaroos, another minute I’m walking through a desert, and what do you know?

Now I’m at home, blogging again.

When I sit in my room and everything goes quiet and I enjoy a little bit of “me” time, I look at some of my pictures and I find it hard to believe that I’ve experienced this much at a young age…

And I’m very thankful :)

Sometimes, when life gets too good, I feel like I am dreaming…..

And if it’s true, then I never want to wake up.

Who needs fantasies when life itself already feels like a dream?




And then we went off to check out the SAND DUNES where we’re supposed to go Sandboarding!

Oooooh… I see lots and lots of fine beautiful sand!!!

You’re supposed to see the load of sand in the background but the flash ruined it x.x

I was SO taken aback by how much sand there was – definitely much more than The Pinnacles!

The sand at Lancelin was extremely soft and clean, much like flour!!!

And would you check out the MASSIVE SAND DUNES?!?!?!!

There was mountains and mountains of SAND…

Not a single plant or animal in sight.

Because it was all sand, there was no roads for us to drive on so we drove all over the sand….

It was very bumpy because of the uneven level of sand, and we thought that the driver told us to buckle up because of how bumpy it’d get but NEVER did we imagine he’d actually go down the sand dune that was sooo steep!!!!

Much like a roller coaster~ Except scarier cos the bus feels like it’s going to topple over anytime soon xD

It was very fun, quite scary and made me want to puke a little cos I have motion sickness and don’t take bumpy rides very well.




Finally, we got off and went SANDBOARDING!!!

Baby and his board!

Just limitless pure white sand….

We had to use wax and scrape it all over the bottom part of the board to make it go faster, hehehe…

The board was not very heavy, BUT climbing up was an effing torture.

The sand was SO soft that with each step I took, I just slipped right back to same spot cos there was no friction or grip to hold my balance!!! Bah.

The pros stand on the board and slide down but first-timers like us need to sit down on it…

Check out the videos, hehehe!


HAHAH he fell off halfwayyyyyyyyy!



…Wtf I fell off halfway also HAHAHA.

It was quite intimidating at first cos the sand was soso soft I was kinda afraid I’d just tumble down, LOL.

But it was hell fun, even though a shitload of sand got into my clothes and eyes!!!!!!

I was very good the 2nd time though I swear, I didn’t fall off and I went very very fast!

There were a lot of people falling off halfway for the first time… This old woman even went HEAD FIRST into the sand! Gosh. But she stood up immediately after she fell and raised her hands in triumph as though to say, “I’m okay!” LOL

James and I and some stupid extra girl. She’s damn annoying, see people take picture also dunno how to zi dong slide down… wait until we snap already then she go down. WTF.




After an entire day of fun, I couldn’t help but feel immensely satisfied.

I’ve went sandboarding and up and down their sand dunes, I’ve went to see the Pinnacles and walked through it, I’ve played with kangaroos and had one kiss my boyfriend, I’ve swam at Cottesloe and got stalked by their jellyfish, I’ve been to Adventure World and got owned by The Rampage…

All this and more.

Alas, now it is time to go home.

I can’t say it wasn’t one heck of an unexpected journey. Nothing we did was planned.

Now I know why Australia’s tourism industry promotes it as

Unexpected Australia.

With so many adventures awaiting you, expected the unexpected.

I enjoyed myself very much.

I’ve been to Australia several times now, and I still can’t get enough. I’d even live there if I could. I am planning to visit Queensland next.


I hate to say this, but Goodbye…

For now.