Looking for blogshop model

Looking for a girl to be my blogshop model!

It’s ok if you’ve never done photoshoots before. As long as you’re outgoing, confident and not shy.


- At least 16 years old

- At least 1.6m

- Should fit UK 6-8 for tops and 8 for bottom, or around there

- Pretty!

If you think you have what it takes, send your close up AND full body pics to


I won’t be posting your pics, so don’t worry~

Oh and of course I’m not expecting you to do it for free for me.. You will be compensated :)



Thanks sooo much for the overwhelming response! I’ve received a lot of applications but I still didn’t find what I was looking for :(

I will only reply those who I’m interested in engaging, but it was fun reading through all those sweet lil msgs. Keep the mails coming, and thanks once again!!

*update again

Omgggg I can’t believe I have over a hundred applications! :o

And if I don’t reply you, it DOESN’T mean you’re ugly or not up to standard or anything, I just have a certain look that I’m searching for, a lot of you look very lovely and thank you soooo much for the sweet msgs really I wasn’t expecting this much :) :)

I’m narrowing down my choices now! You can still send in your profiles.