I was talking to a friend just now and we were talking about singing and she mentioned she was in Choir when she was in primary school..

So was I.

Suddenly my head was flooded with familiar songs I used to sing when I was in Choir…

And I decided to search on Youtube for some of the songs I used to sing every Choir session, thank god for youtube, if not who knows when I’d ever hear this song again?

“Cross the wide missouri”

It took awhile before I finally found the correct version and when I did, watching and listening to this made me cry.

Because we sang it the exact same way.

This is one song I will never ever forget in my whole life. Even though I haven’t heard it since I was back in Pri School, I still remember the tune and lyrics so clearly.

I get very emotional whenever I think of the time I was in Choir because that was the only time I ever felt like I really achieved something in school.

I was constantly bullied and (may I say) tortured in primary school and those were probably the hardest years of my life since a lot that went on was too much for a kid to handle.

And since school was absolute hell for me, I remember I’d once told my mother I’d rather die than go to school.. (wow pretty deep words for a primary school-er)

But no matter what happened, choir sessions always cheered me up.

I’d lose myself in the singing, and the music…

Nothing else mattered except how well I could hit the note and how beautiful everybody sounded when we sung together.

I used to be really, really shy and I would dread the time the teacher randomly picking students to stand up and sing..

But when my turn came, I told myself I loved singing and this is my turn to shine.

And I know this sounds cocky but my teacher was very very impressed and I don’t think I’ve ever felt more satisfied than that very moment.

I’d wanted to be the best, and the best I was.

My choir teacher then took to calling me her “pet” and told me I was the “reigning queen”…

She would ask other students to sing along with me and then compare our singing and every single week she would tell me how much better I was than the other students.

Probably did shit to their self-esteem but it did wonders for mine, and it just made such a great impact on me because it’s the only thing I’ve loved and achieved great results at in school and was recognized for it.

We took part in the SYF competition and won the silver award. I really wanted gold but I guess silver’s good enough ay?

It was nice having my choir mates asking me to coach them on their singing and being the teacher’s pet…

Now I would feel embarrassed if anybody asked me to coached them on anything because I don’t feel like I excel at anything at all.

Most of all, music really helped me get through the tough times, ever since I was in primary school and up till today.

I guess being in choir really helped me discover my love for music and how much it means to me.

I do miss those choir sessions very much and if I ever had a chance to relive one moment in my primary school, that would probably be it.

That, or me playing catching all around school with my crush…

It was a wonderful thing, hearing 60 students singing harmoniously together.

It didn’t really matter whose singing was better when we all sung together, the most important thing is that we sung brilliantly together.

If there’s one decision I regret making during school days, I really regret quitting choir..

But I just didn’t feel the same with my Secondary school like I did with my Pri school’s choir. I didn’t feel so connected.

The standard was so different.

Zhonghua primary school’s choir used to be so, so good.

8 years later, when I’m more grown up, I listen to the songs we used to sing and I wonder how the hell primary school-ers could sing such difficult songs so well.

Or maybe we didn’t sing THAT well but it sure did sound like music to my ears.

Another one of my fav choir songs to sing in the past…

Have you ever heard a choir sing in front of you?

It’s singing like you’ve never heard before.

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