Beginning of my journey in MDIS

Yesterday was my first day at….

I was about 10 mins late… so much for being good for the first day!

On the way to school with my brother, I couldn’t help but feel nervous.

I wondered what it’d be like… I honestly didn’t know what to expect.

Not only was I late, I was also LOST. My timetable stated Block E room 128 but when I walked to Block E, I saw 125, 127 and…. 130.

WHERE WAS 128?!?!

Finally after walking around some time, I found the lecture room. I peeped inside and it seemed too… quiet. I hesitated for awhile before entering and when I did, I saw that everyone already had seats and were staring at me like o.o

So I quickly sat down at the nearest seat I could reach in the 1st row…

Pleasantly enough, my lecturer Mr Siew was actually quite funny and entertaining although too cheesy/corny sometimes. We were given a HUGEASS textbook that weighs like 3kg wtf.

And even worse, I thought today was the same lesson so I brought the same textbook but it was a different lecturer and she gave us ANOTHER 3kg book! (kua zhang a bit but really VERY heavy la.)

My bag was so heavy, could die! Poor James had to carry it all around for me :P

Thanks baby!

I copied down a lot of notes… I don’t remember when was the last time I’ve actually written that much!!

I was quite focused throughout the lecture except I zoned out a few times, expectedly.

The first person I talked to was Natasha, a girl who happened to take the seat beside mine.

I couldn’t believe we didn’t have any form of introduction… They just distributed the books to us and started the lesson.

The atmosphere was cold and empty, thankfully my teacher broke the ice with some of his (funny and others not-so-funny) jokes.

Today, I made more friends and we had some form of introduction….

Everybody had to sit in groups (we wasted a lot of time getting ourselves sorted out) and choose a topic, then stand in front of the class and talk about it.

That took up the entire day since my class has SIXTY people.


Huuuuge class… With a lot of different people.

I’m the youngest in my class I think.

If you’re wondering how the people there are like, well…

Since we have 60 people, we have all sorts of personalities.

I know MDIS has a lot of china people but we only have 1 china student in our class. Mostly females. We have “rockers” and “bimbos” and “geeks” and “slackers”…

Of course that’s all judged based only on superficial outer appearance and behaviour. I wouldn’t know eh, it’s just the 2nd day today for me.

Anyway it’s quite a whirlwind for me, I don’t know what else to say…

I guess I’m gonna need some time to get used to the school, and the people, and the subject.

I like how we are treated like young adults in the school and not children.

And I am thirsty now so I am gonna grab a drink.





*is back with pink dolphin*

So Maryann was such a darling, she called me at like 9+am on 20 apr cuz she knew it was my first day of school and wanted to know if I was doing okay!

So sweettt… thanks for remembering dear! That was the best wake up call I’ve had so far in 2009 :P

I met up with Fidel in school and after school yesterday~~

Then we went to town to eat MOS Burger!

I was sooo craving for it.

My FAV fast food place. Gotta love their thick fries, butterfly prawns, apple soda, strawberry and of course their FISH BURGER!

I took your advice guys! Tonged my hair, tied it up and put it to the side and I applied some kind of cream that I thought would hold the curls but the cream weighed down my curks instead, so it looks quite shitty in this photo. LOL.

I like bouncy curls.


We must go out every Monday after school together!

HAHAHA she is so cute when she does this!!! It’s my fav expression of her :D




And after school today I met up with another pretty babe of mine….

Maryann baybehhhh!!

Haven’t seen you in fucking AGES so finally la!!!!!

We went back to our same old spot at Lucky Plaza, the staff there recognize us now… LOL.

Today we ordered something new!


Nom nom nom… you are so hungry after looking at this juicy flavorful red chicken picture, I know!

Egg prata and mutton curry.


So I can go back to the same place and NOT get bored cos there’s variety… yayyyyy.

And the best – BUTTER NAN!!

Ok I need to go to bed now.

I’m having pink dolphin and seaweed for supper.

And I am sleepy.


And there is school tomorrow AGAIN WTF.

Slacker Jess is not used to it la… Slacker Jess is used to waking up at 4pm everyday and doing nothing and anything she likes anytime anywhere.


I feel like sleeping the day away tomorrow cos I don’t like to be so busy and I am so sleepy la I tell youuuuuuuu.