Omggggggggg I am so lazy I wanna slap myself ten thousand times (but of course I won’t)


Not only am I lazy, I am also very very forgetful….

So I need a to-do-list to help me organize things I need to get done and what better way to get it done than posting it on my blog? That way I cannot ignore it.

Once done, I will strike the chore off my list!


1) Go down to my secondary school to collect my O’level certificate (WTF?! Now then collect)

2) Go down to or call up SIM

3) Book BBQ pit at my condo for bloggers gathering

4) Reply all outstanding emails in my inbox

5) Get James’ passport particulars for my mum to apply VISA James got his friend to come to my condo to pass it to me and I got my maid to collect it for me at the guardhouse…

6) Mail or pass model release form to LeahYay got my maid to mail it out for me

7) Settle flea market date and start packing exploding wardrobe

8) Buy whitening toothpaste (-_-)

9) Buy a hammie and cage etc! Hehe

10) Settle photoshoots in Perth with aussie photographers

11) Blog for Nuffnang’s Australia contest

12) Settle diamonds and couple shoots with Chester and Albert Diamonds shoot on 27 March, Couple shoot this Saturday! Can’t wait

13) Blog for Milly’s and other outstanding advertorials

14) Transfer important data from old computers to memory card

15) My list is never-ending but I can’t remember anything now…

Ok now I’m going to try and get something done hahahaha.

Will post pics of my hair soon.. I don’t like it too much now since it’s uber straight and long I think I look like a maid. But I can’t wait to tong it!!! My main motive was to have uber long and thick hair to tong :D

I extended 400 strands!!!!

Still like not very thick leh…. But I sat on that chair of 4 hours already and if I stayed any longer my ass might just have been permanently glued there forever. I’ve always thought I’ve very little hair but the guy who did my hair for me said I have a looot of hair just that they’re very fine~

Omfg yesterday when I washed my hair I felt like I was participating in a head weight-lifting competition.. WALAO HEAVY SIA!!

Thanks Milly for sponsoring me! Can’t wait to tong my long long hair :)

I’ll blog more about my hair extensions soon, until that hair post DON’T ASK ME ANYTHING ABOUT HAIR EXTENSIONS cos I will be answering all queries in that post.