Random update

Ok I don’t have much to update but I’ll just yabber on anyways cos I like to talk alot :D

I love having a blog…

People will read what they wouldn’t wanna hear another person say in real life.

Weird, huh?

Ok anyways today was a fun day cos I went to watch Dragonball with my mum and James.

My mum wants to watch Dragonball cos of Chow Yun Fatt, how lame and weird is that!!!!

I kept repeating,

“Mummy you sure you want to watch Dragonball a not… It’s anime leh, anime is cartoon, it’s like POKEMON you know? You sure you wanna watch a pika pika show?”

And she was like, “YES!! I said I want to watch already what.. Why you keep asking.”

Much to James’ delight of course. I was in utter disbelief. No way I was gonna watch Dragonball movie if not for the two of them..

Anybody I was pleasant suprised because the movie was very light-hearted and very lame but quite funny at parts, I was LOL-ing throughout.

I cannot stand the angmoh dude during those “HADUGEN” moves…. Tooo funnnyy…

Looks like something I could do as well… KA MI KA MI HA MA! Or something like that.

Very funny. Not bad if you’re really bored and need some lame jokes to brighten your day.

I still prefer Watchmen though…

I’ve never read the comic, the movie was weird, confusing, gory and lewd but I found it strangely fascinating!!!!!

Certainly wasn’t what I expected. I was very “into” the show and felt that it was much longer than 2 hours… I’m not a fan of comics or superheros but the characters were very intriguing.

What with Mr. Manhattan, the glowing man with the dangling penis who can stimulate you in bed while working and the smartest man in the world and all….

I likey!!!!

Ok enough about movies,

After our show at about 10pm we went Bowling!

Hahahaha I haven’t bowled in soooooooooo long… I kept missing the first few times but I got 1 strike and a few spares total. Was never a good bowler.

Still it was very fun! My mum and brother are good at bowling…

I honestly don’t think I’m good at any sport at all. Quite sad. But I think I’m good at things like… like…

Writing a blog? LOL.

Anyway I am quite sad now because my beautil super-long lasting nails are RUINED!

They were really long but my mum made me clip them off cause she was so convinced my nails were gonna be ripped off from fingers when I threw the bowling ball -___-

I was quite scared too so I did what she told me to….

Doesn’t really matter anyway, I got quite bored of the design and I’m going to get a new nail job done soon!

I need a really nice french manicure for my shoot on 27 march.

Omigosh its gonna be a fantastic shoot I know it will and I can’t wait for 27 march to come!!!


For now I have Perth with my baby James and my mother to look forward to…

Random pictures~

Heheheheehe drew this on James’ fingernails….. cute eh

He let me paint his toenails black & hotpink and let me draw this on his fingernails… gee the things guys let their girlfriends do to them =P

This bearbear is super cute plz! It has bling everywhere, Mum bought it to stick onto both sides of her Beetle’s windows…

Me love her car, it’s uber posh and cute and girly with bling and teddies and lacey pillows everywhere!

My gorgeous hot pink bling sandals my mum bought for me :D

I like them so much, I bought an extra similar pair at Charles & Keith! This was from Bugis. Or is it the other way round? Not sure..

Quite cheap, 30+ for a pair~

Ooooh shiny…




Kkkk going to kachio James now.

He has been very annoying recently and I can’t wait to annoy him back.

Before he reached my place this afternoon, we had a little tiff and I sent him this message :


I expected some sort of apology from him cos he was in the wrong, but nothing!!! Stupid boy was enjoying him lunch while I was starving.


So I messaged him again after 15 minutes:


….Wooooooooo! Take that, annoying boy!

Now he’s starting to snore, maybe I should take a video ;)

Bye bye all, another night and day with James, I wanna go swimming tomorrow!