End of torture!!!


Today is a very happy day for me, coz this morning I dreamt that I was screwing Pierce Brosnan in my dreams on a dangerous motorcycle like what you see in his 007 movies, and after that I woke up and went to school to take my..







I feel like this now.

(yes, me being stupid in the middle of a shoot again)

Yeahhhhhhhhhhhhh baby. My last paper! I dropped Science, so I don’t have to be one of those losers going back to school for another Science paper tomorrow.


I had my literature paper just now… I think literature (high school standard) is THE best exam EVER.

All you have to do is read the text and interpret and convince the marker that

1) You are very smart

2) You know what you are talking about

..Even if 1 and 2 are not true.

I’ve never studied for my literature papers before, like ever! Unless you count 10 minutes worth of flipping through the book studying. It is awesome.

I have my question paper from the exam here with me right now, and I shall type out the questions they asked, and you shall know why I don’t study for it.

Qn 8ii) What do you find striking about the way the writer uses words and images to convey Andy’s thoughts and feelings?

AWESOME MUCH? The questions were basically all about your opinions. And you just have to elaborate on & on about what you think and why you think that way…

Which is easy peasy for me since I am a regular blogger, it’s just like doing a blog post! Erm.. without all the F words though.

Besides the fact that my hand was half fucked by the end of the paper. I honestly don’t think I’ve ever written more quickly or as much as I have in the past few days. I think the time constraint was more of a problem than the questions… Why do they have to mindfuck us like that?!?

It’s like you still have a shitload of questions to write, and you look at the block and Shit! Only ten minutes left.


But as quickly as the O’levels came, they are now over.

It doesn’t make as much as a difference to me as it does to other students, because some of them really made themselves miserable and mugged their asses off whilst I sit on my fat ass everyday being online, going for photoshoots, etc.

The good thing though, is that I will have no more annoying people breathing down my neck, ranting about my O’levels blahblahblah

I think I will score fairly well for everything except for Math & Science. I’m confident of failing my math. LOL.

As for my Chinese, it’s already a 6. God.

But whatever, really. I’m trying to psycho my mother to bring me to Australia!!!!!

I’m supposed to go to Hanabi for a celebration with Victor tonight!!!! He finishes his exams today, too. Except that he’s in University and I’m in High School. LOL.

But mum told me last minute that it’s my cousin’s birthday. So I’m going there with my family instead.

And I get to see James later, I think. It has been 2 weeks since I last saw him!!! Omfgingly long.

I will be like damn free la!! What am I gonna do till next year?!?!?

I will probably blog every damn day since I am like so bo liao. Lucky you.

I will go watch a movie tomorrow! YAY. And SHOP at Forever 21. OMG I haven’t done these two favourite hobbies of mine in a long long time.

After which I may get a new haircut. Short? Hmm….

I don’t know what to blog about though. GIVE ME SUGGESTIONS! Or I will just post more advertorials.