Sponsored Advertorial – Canon Powershot E1

Everytime I go for a shoot.. I’d usually ask, “what brand is your camera?”

And if they say “CANON”, I’d be delighted because I just loooooooove Canon cameras!

They have the most VIBRANT colours ever! (and usually cos Canon photographers are nicer. the worst = olympus. dunno why)

Canon has recently launched the new super adorable Powershot E1, please refer to the cutesy bigass image above..

This camera is probably one of the cutest I’ve seen. So small and so.. I dunno. Compact-ish?!?! Looks like a toy camera to me!!

And the baby pink one is soooooooooo sweet. I need a pink camera to complete my pink collection!

And I have been selected to join a contest with 5 other female bloggers.

Of course, this awesome opportunity and advertorial was given to me by Nuffnang!

1 page micro-site for Powershot E1 on Nuffnang — www.nuffnang.com.sg/canon-e1

We will each be loaned a Canon Powershot E1 to play around with for 1 week plus,

and all 6 female bloggers will have to create an online scrapbook which will then be judged by the “cuteness” factor!!!

The lucky winner walks away with an adorable spanking new Canon Powershot E1 =)

All 6 of us will be pitted against one another for 2 prizes:

1. Best Advertorial (Chosen by Canon)

2. Most Popular Advertorial (Chosen by Readers)

So, sexy babes and hunks,

do check my blog on 24th October to see the hopefully-cute online scrapbook I will be making!


And of course, VOTE FOR ME!

…Because readers stand a chance to win awesome canon products as well.

And also because a cutesy girl like me deserves a camera just as cutesy as her lolol


*Update* – I just found out that Xiaxue is participating in this contest as well..

Wait.. Xiaxue? WHAT “contest”?!? LOL.

Will keep you guys posted k!!!

Lots of love.