new blogskin






Hehehe, just kidding,

the new blogskin must have gave you guys quite a surprise huh!

I used my previous blogskin for EONS! Will definitely miss it.

But like the chinese idiom goes, if the old things don’t go, new ones won’t come…

I spent like five hours doing this!!!!

I have been bugging others to do my blogskin since forever, so since I have a Sunday free I thought I’d put it to good use .

I am really proud of myself since I havent touched HTML and CSS in forever. LOL.

I was stuck with soooo many problems along the way, but I finally got it done!!! YIPEEEEE.

Since I don’t even have photoshop to play around with, I ended up using paint for the whole thing, LOL. Which explains why it’s kept so simple.

I know it’s not fantastic… but unless I come across a good designer, what you see is what you get.

And yeah, it’s me on the left! From a creative make up photoshoot. I think the picture is cool balls.

I can’t really stand dark colours, but I wanted a change from the bright and cheery skin I used to have!!!